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I live in Mandeville, LA. I have 25 year old...

I live in Mandeville, LA. I have 25 year old veneers that need to be re-done. They are old & chipped. i originally got veneers because of white spots on my teeth. I have been putting this off for 7 years. I am terrified to pick a dentist to do the work. How will i know if they will do a good job on my teeth? I do not want big fake clunky teeth. I am very particular. The first dentist I went to said it will cost about $1500 per tooth. He has an in house lab (makes his own veneers). When i asked to see his work he showed me a picture that was not a veneer & said "this is harder to do than a veneer" I want a dentist that is willing to show his artwork! I want & expect my teeth to look perfect if i will be paying that much money to have them re-done! I also have teeth that are out of alignment. So, i went to see an orthodontist too. The cost of all of this is adding up. This will be an additional $4080. But, i am grinding my teeth at night. my last dentist told me that. i need to have something done soon. How do i know if a lab makes quality veneers? how do i pick a good cosmetic dentist?


I saw you were in SouthFloridaGuy's comments and wondering what your options are for veneers.  I'm gonna throw some links your way, since you seem willing to do serious research.

First, the 'no-prep' veneer is called Lumineers, as I'm sure SFG will tell you (it's one brand name, so there are likely others.)  People are very split about them.
Then there are just standard porcelain veneers, which can be prepared to different thicknesses and sizes for different circumstances.  We have Da Vinci as one brand name on here, but there are other brands, and most have no idea which brands they are using.
I hope you find some of these helpful.
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Thanks! Yes, I'm trying to do research. I'm not sure what type of veneer is currently on my teeth. They just called them porcelain veneers when I got them. My teeth were not ground down much, so maybe that's what I have. I'm trying to get in touch with my old dentist who put them on. I found him on Facebook, but he has not yet accepted my friend request. Hopefully he will. All I know is that I do NOT want my natural teeth ground down to stubs. I have heard mixed reviews about lumineers. But, I'm thinking they may work on my teeth. I think a lot has to do with the artistic eye of the dentist, how strait your natural teeth are, how much gums you show when you smile, & the ceramicist. I'm hoping to get my teeth straightened (again), teeth bleached (b/c of staining - fluorosis or tetracycline) ,Lumineers on top & natural on bottom.
I think they only grind them down to stubs for crowns.  And crowns would be really expensive--they're like $1200 a pop.  Well--it ranges, and I guess that's not much better than veneers :-/.  

Are you gonna use Invisalign for the straightening?  And actually, you may need to do the veneers first. Definitely talk to them about all of that.  And whether you should whiten with the veneers off?  That sounds painful.  Man, I really want to hear what the doctors have to tell you, with all that stuff going on.  Generally you do dental work first, with Invisalign, then whitening and stuff after.  But getting your retainers to fit if you redo your veneers afterward will be pretty-much impossible, I'd wager, unless you get a Hawley or permanent bonded retainer.  So there are a lot of variables to consider.

My 25 year old veneers


I know a good cosmetic dentist that specializes in tmj too, have you already found a dentist that you would like to work with?
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How much did you have to pay for the first consult?  I've never heard of that before, but most people don't talk about whether they paid for their consults or not.  And thanks for adding the picture, by the way! :D
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