Mommy Makeover with Dr. Yily in the Domanican Republic!!

I have not yet had anything done, but hopefully...

I have not yet had anything done, but hopefully soon!:) I am a fairly young mother looking to have a mommy makeover done. I have two sons 2 years and 1year of age, they have me on my toes!! But I choose to not have anymore kids, and get a body that I am comfrontable with. I would love to and cant wait to live without being self conscious. I will be searching for the right doctor and im willing to travel. So hopefully within in the next years or so I cant make this happen!!:)

Wish pics

Still searching for doctors. So far im leaning towards Dr. Disla or Dr. Yily. Love them both and the results I have seen, but still looking around for the right one. These are my wish pics I would love to turn out as!!

Dr. Yily!!

So I have choose to go with Dr. Yily in the Domanican republic. She quoted me 5900.00 USD for my mommy makeover which includes TT,BL,BA,BBL and Lipo. I love her recent patients results and cant not wait until I am able to experience my own!! Now time for the planning!

Dr. Yily

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Goodluck on ur journey girl
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Great you've decided on your doctor can't wait to see results
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Congrats on your decision for a MM, I will be watching your journey. Good luck!
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Oh ok just thought I knew someone with similar name.
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Are you or were you affiliated with military
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No, I am not. May I ask why?
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Do your research and plan on having at least three consults.  Good planning and prep will make all the difference when it comes down to surgery day.  

Very exciting and we look forward to hearing more from you and you begin this journey.

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