2 Cesarean's and Weight Loss After Gastric Sleave Surgery It is Time for a Makeover - Dominican Republic

After doing a lot of research with different...

After doing a lot of research with different surgeons I decided that Dra Cynthia Disla would be the DR to do my surgery so I have my surgery booked for April 10th along with my husband who is having face lift surgery the same day as me with the same Dr we are booked at a recovery hotel after the surgery for another 14days so we are hoping to enjoying our recovery together.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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So neat to be doing this as a team! Good luck I know it has to be a lot of comfort having a support buddy
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I love that you're doing your surgeries together! Built in surgery buddies. Thank for starting your story! Here's a list of supplies that another RS member put together who traveled for her mommy makeover. Keep us posted on how it goes!
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Wish you the best, keep us update.
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Good luck to both of you and enjoy your down time together!
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