Almonte is amazing!!

Hello I am in the process of deciding is I want to...

Hello I am in the process of deciding is I want to go through with he mommy makeover. This morning I went to a consultation with dr. Cusenz and am super pleased with what I heard. He gave me a lot of I for regarding my surgery and made me feel so comfortable to be around. I am currently discussing the surgery with my husband to make sure it's a good time and to try and set up help with the kids when I recover. Any advice or questions are welcome and appreciated! I am so nervous and excited to take this journey!! Thank you everyone for all your support and help along the way!!! -Ann
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Don't be afraid to go on multiple consultations with a handful of doctors if you can. It's so great to hear different approaches before you decide. Here's a list of questions to ask.

Please keep us updated on how this is all going. Happy to have you here!

June is Looking to be the BIG day!

Hey everyone!! First off I want to say how GREAT it has been reading tons of reviews about the Mommy Makeovers. They have helped me so much in making my decision to go through with the surgery. Lets start off with a little bit about myself.... I am 27 and have two beautiful children ( 6,2) Pre baby I weighed 135-140 after two children and working out on a good day im 160! I have exercised, went to a personal trainer and tried just about everything to get my pre pregnant look! and it just doesn't seem to work! Well don't get me wrong the personal trainer idea is AMAZING!! I gained muscle and can lift and feel great but hasn't got rid of the flab or stretch marks so I'm going through with the full mommy makeover... A full TT and a BA. I know that I am fully going through with the surgery my contemplation now is picking a date!? That may be tougher than the surgery haha I want to make sure the kids are out of school that I will have help for the adequate time and that my husband can be around to help out, planning all that together is no easy task but its looking more and more like june. I will def make a decision very soon. Thank you all for sharing your stories as they are continually helping me along my journey to the "flat side" Talk soon....
Congratulations on your decision so far! You have great curves so you will likely get very good results. Keep us updated.
Thank you!! Same to you! Keep ya posted

Some updated before pictures! * barf*

Just wanted to share some before pictures because I know how helpful the comparison could be.... Cannot wait till this changes!!! Impatiently waiting till the new me comes out! :)
good luck, can't wait to see your results :)

Having second thoughts... Lady's help please

Hello ladies!! Okay so I'm having some second thoughts.... Considering the sx in DR...... I have been reading tons and tons of reviews and debating back and forth with my husband what to do?? I'm loving the reviews/pics from Dr. Robles if there are any beautiful ladies who have seen her could answer some questions for me I would GREATLY appreciate it. So what is the wait time roughly from the time you get you quote to booking the sx? How long do you stay in the Dominican? Do you get a round trip or one way? What to pack? What's it like staying there? Any info at all I would be so grateful for.... Thank you all! :)
Hi there...I've been on RS daily for about six months now. I'm scheduled for Mon Apr 7/14. I've gotten so much confidence from these gals but one thing that is for sure for me is that I would not go out of country for this. The majority of the DR ladies I've read from said their sx was successful and had no complaints whatsoever but there have been a few that had issues. Some were about after-care and not receiving a response to their questions once they were back home on their own. And, recently, I came across one gal's profile who pretty much described a gong show for her whole DR experience which has really stuck with me....she reported her appointments were delayed for hours while they left her sitting in the waiting room without ANY communication, including follow up appts that resulted in missed pick-ups & meals to her recovery house. After surgery, she woke up in excruciating pain, called the nurses who did not respond at all, despite her hearing the nurses turn-off the call button over and over. But one of the worst things she described was getting her period after surgery and the nurses would not assist her to clean up or give any sanitary items, etc. She also asked for 400cc & ended with 450cc. I've been to the DR on vacay and will go back again. But just for the beaches. You asked for our thoughts and this site is about being real with eachother and supporting eachother. I know I could have complications here at home too, but I'd not want to be in a foreign place if that were the case. No matter what you decide, just want the best outcome for you. Good luck in whatever path your journey takes! Wish me luck on Monday!

Decisions, decisions.....

So I have basically come to live on this website, day in day out reading investigating researching just about stalking lol. I feel fully confident in going to the DR to get. My surgery done.... Now the question is which Dr. Do I chose?!? It's a MAJOR decision so ladies don't take it lightly..... Research!!! Be sure to do your homework!! I am torn between three doctors, Dr. Robles, Dr. Almonte, and Dr. Duran!!!! I have received my quote from Robles still waiting on the other two but honestly the price of the quote isn't what I'm worried about I just want to be sure to pick the perfect doctor for ME!! My gut is pulling me towards Robles or Almonte (still so torn) I still have a few questions if any of you beauty's can help a sister out, Do all DR doctors go through the nipple for breast aug??? I want under my breast and not the scar up to my nipple. Any help on preparing to go to DR would be lovely!! Thanks so much!!

So many questions......

Choosing to go to the DR was a pretty easy idea I feel really good about it not just because of the prices but because of the research and reviews along with pictures I'm viewing. with the whole process it all can be a little overwhelming though.... Do I have the right surgeon? (My gut says YES) what to pack? What's allowed in the DR? Will I have trouble at the airport getting around? What's the recovery house like? And so much I have to experience to know.... It seems like many woman post their journey up until a few weeks/months after their surgery I wish we could see more like one year updates love to see how scars are coming along and such.... Well until next time ladies!

RS Ladies Pleaseeeeeeee Help!!

Hello beauty's! I really could use a little help here I'm planning my trip to the DR and I'm still in need of some answers if any of you have had work with Dr. Robles could you please private message me so we can chat since not many people respond to your updates. Thank you so much


Okay my date is official June 17th!! Oh boy the reality just set in.....nerves, excitement, fear, happiness so many!!! Dr. Almonte is my choice and I couldn't feel more confident about it. theres still so much to know and do and find out AHHH!!!!
I hope you are getting the HELP you requested...this can be VERY STRESSFUL...if you have a FB account there is an AWESOME Robles Group with supportive females...send me a private message!! You are in my Prayers!
thank you, not at all not many people respond on here been searching for answers through everyones pages trying to figure it all out.. im pm you now :) thank you

Flight Booked!

Its Official Flight has been booked! now if only the rest of this could come along as easy.... lol back to the drawing board.... List of supplies, packing, blood work, etc.....

So nice to stalk RS!

So stalking the website I came across the forum to all the scheduled sx coming up and checked my date and dr and so far I'm the only one scheduled! Thank goodness....there are about 5 scheduled same day for Robles so not sure if that's how many she plans to do or schedule date mix ups but I prefer not to be scheduled with so many people.....feeling more n more better about my dr decision :)

Supplies coming along....

Well as of today passport done, flight booked, and deposit sent, so now I started buying supplies... I will do a detailed list so future ladies can reference it.

Supply List in Detail

List of Supplies to bring.....
Protein Shakes
Low Sodium Crackers
Heating Pad
I-Pad (Charger)
Phone (Charger)
Dispoable Gloves
Rubbing Alcohol
Surgical Tape
Gauze Pads
Grannie Pantys (6)
Beaters (Tanks) (3)
Maxi Pads
Lipo Foam
Compression Socks
P-Ez funnel ( To help ya pee standing )
Arnica gel & Tablets ( helps with swelling and pain )
Scar away sheets ( Helps healing of scars )
Baby wipes
Puppy Pads (Chux)
Maxi Dresses (3)
Shorts (2)
Zip Up Front Bra
Flip Flop
Loose jammies ( 2)
Hand Sanitizer
Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil
Hibiclens ( Helps Reduce Bacteria and Infection) *Wash with day before sx and day of sx*
Benadryl ( for itching )
Extra Strength Tylenol ( For Pain )
ZzzzQuil ( Help with Sleeping )
Stool Softner ( Help to use bathroom )
- Biotin
- iron
- prenatal
- folic acid
- calcium
- b-12
- vitamin C

Hope this helps someone along their journey, I will be sure to update after sx to see what wasn't needed and what really was forgotten (hopefully nothing) :)


Wish pic

Before sx pics

Ewwww can't believe this is what I look like :( cannot wait for a change! My working out tones me but does not get rid of these stretch marks or love handles!! Ugh
I got my quote from Dr A...I didn't know she includes rh too (like Robles)...this is good!
Nice!! Yes that's what I love one less thing we have to worry about :) when are you planning on going? What are you having done?
I'm going in Sept if not then I'll wait til Nov...I'm having tummy tuck, bl with implants, lipo of thighs, bbl

49 days in counting!

So we have hit the under 50 days left until surgery!!! Oh my gosh time is flying by!!! Going to get my blood work within the next two weeks and just have a few small items left to get and i will be all set to go!! My biggest challenge now is just getting my house work/bills/ and everything has has to be done around the house in order while I'm gone. Wish me luck lol :)
that was me yesterday... clean clean cleaning and organizing.. throwing stuff out.. even threw out old clothes that i never wear now.. i won't ever wear them after this either..
We know we're always busy ( we are moms ) haha but you never realize actually how much you do until ur leaving and need it all done.... I'm more nervous about home than I am about leaving the country for sx haha I dread going through my clothes I tend to be a clothes n shoes hoarder.... I hope to get in the closet this weekend!! When's your sx?!

46 days left!

So we are at the 46 day mark. Tomorrow marks my extreme diet and cleanse, not that I want to lose weight I just want no negative food/alcohol in my system so just basically watching what I eat and put into my body as I want to be as healthy a possible for surgery. I will be working out 4-5 days a week and just taking extra good care of my body. I have been drinking nothing but water and continue to do so. Now I'm just coming across a few questions about traveling, should I bring my own bottles of water? Also all my vitamins can I just put them in separate ziplock bags so I don't need to bring all the bottles for 10 days or do I need all the bottles?? Less I have to pack the better I will be. Do I need a boppy pillow for bbl?? I've read mixed reviews about that one. Did you have to exchange for money at airport or can you play for everything in US dollars?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Anyone Out there?!?!

anyone who has went to DR for mommy makeover went to Ceiclip to get it done could be so kind to private message me I just have a few questions I would like answered that I cant seem to get on here...thank you!

Impatiently counting down the days

So we are currently at 41 days and I am counting down the days like a kid waiting for Christmas! So I am pretty much all packed just about 5-6 more things to get and I will be all set to go. I am now at the point making sure all my appointments are up to date as far as doctors/dentists/updating Will, etc. so much to make sure im prepared for the unexpected. God willing everything will go smoothly and safely and I make it home safe and sound to my loves! I feel so confident in my decision to go to the DR to proceed with this, I just make sure all my ducks are in order. Every day I mark another thing off my to do until I write again later babes!

Blood work

Got my results back from my blood work and everything looks great!!! Hemp at 14.0!!!!!! So flipping happy about that now to just keep it high for 37 more days!!!! Time if flying by it's going to be here before I know it!! :)
Thanks for sharing! I'm having surgery June 19 with Lima! You seem as excited and nervous as me! LoL! I'm just not as dedicated to write that much- but I love you guys for sharing your journey! Well I wish you lots luck & safe travel! Keep us posted! Yeyy Us!! I'm a mommy of 2 as well :-) I love your supply list too!!
Thank you so much!!! Awe so close to mine! I will def keep you posted!! Yea I don't always know what to write but found so many stories helpful and unhelpful so I want to share mine so hopefully I can help someone who felt like me traveling overseas..... I wish you all the best! Keep me posted and thanks it was tough to gather all the supply list I'm just hopeful it's everything I need so many people don't share the after experience ya know what was really needed all the traveling details the recovery after I just want to be sure to help the girls traveling over to be well prepared :)
Yeah I know what you mean! I will post pic ones I'm closer to my date& of course after it's done! Once you start following someone's journey you want to know how they are! I'll be using your supply list as well as other RS doll! I get to DR June 17- I wanted a day in btwn to relax and get my labs done without the rush! Let's keep each other up-to- date & wishing all of us a save & successful surgery! :)

30 Days! YIKES!!

Today officially marks the 30 Day mark! Time is not slowing down for me at all! Been super busy with all my appointments, shopping, cleaning, and all our mommy duties! 10 days without being home is going to feel like a lifetime! the closer I am getting the more excited I feel. I have no real negative vibes at all which I love. Not to many people know im going so that's a plus for me I refuse to hear any negative feedback so my handful of people who know are my loyals! They support me no matter what I do and for that I am so grateful! Well I guess not much more is going on besides doing my daily countdown and packing the few little things I have left. Ahhh Soooo excited!!! :)
lots of luck and I will be following ur journey.
Thanks! Same to you!! Let me know who you chose! :)
I might go w/Baez.

24 days!

Hello ladies, not much to update been super busy getting ready and preparing kids for summer ya know making sure the pool is set up before I leave cleaning getting the shed clean for them all the (good) stuff done lol ( would much rather being enjoying some spa days) haha. Been feeling super excited and anxious just wanna get there get the pain on n done with n hurry home to my babies!! No nervous feelings have come over me which is good positive feelings positive mind positive results!!!
Hi doll good luck on your, journey you are goint to look fabuloussss.......
thank you Doll! I sure hope so its getting so close! Ill be following your journey and letting you know full details when I return home :)

12 days away!

I can't believe we are 12 days away! Time sure is flying by. I feel like I have so much to do and no time lol. So many emotions coming into play now a days. Most of them anxious!! Working hard to make sure my hemo is high!! Going over my packing list tonight and double checking everything so I'm not rushing the night before I leave. Can not wait to be on the flat side!
Aww so happy for you, I can't wait to go in January May are Heavenly Father hold you hand thru this journey best wishes..:-)
Thank you so much! I will be following you and keep ya updated!! :)
Girl!! I'm About 15 day from surgery... I completly understand the "emotions coming into play" & anxious much?? I feel the same way- but also we are ready!! We just need to get it over with!! Wishing you the best! You'll look great!

Under a Week!

Wow! How time flys..... Under a week until I am in the Dominican having surgery..... I can't believe we're already here feels like yesterday my husband and I were just throwing the idea of having sx around! I have to say I feel pretty excited! My nerves haven't really kicked in yet. Positive thinking!! I feel anxious, excited, happy, ready to get it over with and get on with the healing!!! I'm officially packed went over everything last night again. I have my whole house being scrubbed one room at a time one day at a time so by Saturday this house will be spic span clean!! I have a slight OCD about cleaning so when I say I cleaned I mean literally ceiling to floor very box piece if paper was went through, organized, and tossed. It actually felt good. Lol well until next time loves! :)
I can't wait to see your results! ! GOOD luck
Thank you :)
Good luck Hun, you are goint to look fabulous ....

Tomorrow I leave.....

I'm still shocked tomorrow at the time I will be getting ready to head to the airport!!! I cannot express how much this time has flew by! So ready to go do this!!! My saddest feeling is leaving my babies for 10 days :( I just hope these 10 days go as fast as 60 some did.
Wow!! Oh my!!! Ahhhh!!!so happy for you! I'm leaving on Tues!! The time is almost here! I want to wish you the best of luck in your SX & recovery! Keep us posted and be safe honey!!
I know I can't believe were already here!!! I can't wait to see your results!! I will be sending prayers your way and wish you the best recovery!! I will def keep you posted! Thank you xo Safe Travels!!

At the airport!

So I made it to our airport! Next stop JFK! Will update later!! Xo
Whooo hoo she is my Dr. Going July 25th. I'm praying for you doll!

Crappy service!

Hello ladies! Well I made it here last night at 7pm and as expected my driver was waiting for me went to Ceciip got all my testing done and talked with Lesley by 11 I was EXHAUSTED! Went to bed got up at 6am took a shower and now am just waiting for Dr. Almonte! When I get better service I will give full details so wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! See ya on the flat side my friends! Xo
Good Luck today darling!! Sending a lil prayer your way! God bless :-*
Thank you,love!! I made it to the flat side!! Sending prayers your way!

on the flat side!!!

So here I am ladies!! On the road to recovery!!! I have a huge update to do but honestly no energy to do it at the moment..... so happy with my results and love Dar. Almonte !! I do have one quick comment.... you need hardly anything all these reviews say!!!!
Have a speedy recovery. It won't be easy but stay strong, healthy, and positive. Best of luck.

Little update

Oh girl look at those perky boobs!! Awesome and soo flat!! Happy healing love!
YASSSSS! Get it girl!


Well ladies today is day three of my recovery process and let me just start by saying it's no walk in the park! It's manageable but no day in paradise lol.... I do want to do a complete update from start to finish but at this time I an just way to tired to so I'm just going to do a quick supply update because I was pretty pissed I brought way more than I needed def worried way to much!! Okay so here is what you 100% need!

Cotton tees not tank tops!
Baby wipes to freshen up
Sleepin pills- you will want to sleep your whole trip away it gets boring very fast
Pain killers- what they have just doesn't cut it
Stool softners- helped me greatly
Slide in flip flops that's it no slippers it's way to hot for all that
iPad/kindle/laptop something to occupy you while up
Bobby pillow- wasn't needed but loved it behind my back to help me sit up better
Forgot all the gauze, alcohol, tape, scar creams!! Buy it all you will need it when you get home but you won't need it here
Chux pads- POINtLESS
Pads- didn't use at all

As I think of more I will update
Hi hope your feeling way better I can't wait to read your updates have safe trip home God bless you
I am new to looking in to this process. I also want to go with Dr. Almonte but I am not clear on if a recovery place is inclusive as it is with Dr. Robles? Did you have to pay extra for your recovery stay or was it inclusive and if you dont mind me asking, about how much did you pay I LOVE your results and am thinking about having pretty much the exact same thing done.
Dr Almonte price is inclusive with Rh, meds, compression garment. She also gave me compression socks. She is nice, and more than effective. My wait for sx was less than 15 mins when she marked me up. I went for a follow up today, no wait and driver was waiting when I was done.

Long overdue!

We'll hello ladies!!! Today is one month since my ax! I can't believe it!! Well let me do a update for y'all.... First let's start with my trip, I arrived in dr on June 15th and once you get off plane and grab your luggage there will be a driver waiting with your name on paper. He took me right to clinic and checked me in. I went right to X-ray and then a nurse took me to my room. There I sat for about a hr or two and then text Lesley because no one was coming to see me and I had no idea what to do. She came in and talked to me about what I want took pics collected money and said sleep tight dr will see you in morning. So about 7am Monday dr came in marked me up talked to me a bit and said okay see you soon. I took blue pill and about 10 min later I got wheeled off into sx. I got my anesthesia and literally I think one minute I was knocked out and didn't wake up till after sx. Sx took about 5 hours. I wasn't in much pain after sx. The only pain was anytime I moved. The tummy tuck the breast didn't hurt at all the lipo on the other hand phewwww that is no joke! We'll the day of six I literally slept the whole day and night away. The next day Raquel came in and put my faja on me and let me tell you that was not fun!! My back hurt so bad not intolerable but it hurt like hell. After that the driver picked me and another girl up and off to the recovery house I went. We got there and got situated. I had no energy and was so. Tired and sore so I layed in bed a lot. There were 7 of us staying there. They gave us breakfast lunch and dinner and I am not a cultural eater so thank goodness I packed jell, peanut butter and protein bars. The first 5-6 days sucked!!! I couldn't walk had no appetite couldn't do much of anything. I got 5 massages while I was there and let me tell you that is such a love/hate thing! They hurt like hell but feel so good at same time they helped me so much!!!! I came home with my drain in which sucked but it came out day 18. I'm healing pretty good my lower back is still swollen and numb and by end of day I'm begging for my faja lol but I can go most of day now without it. I really can't wait to start working out. I want to tone up my legs and start my 4 pack abs!!! I can't believe how fast time flys by. I'm feeling better every day! Patience is key to the whole process and I am not one to be patient..... Lol

1 month

Well these were actually 2 weeks po


Ooh ladies one big thing I found from this trip!! You do not need All these damn supplies people say you need to pack.... The dr changed all my bandages so no need for gauze tape alcohol all that crap, you need it whe. You come home and your on your own. What you need in Dominican......

White tees not beaters the faja will dig in your skin
Two dresses I didn't want or need a huge wardrobe I layed in a robe most of the time
Sleeping pills
Narcotics if you want stronger pain mess
Benadryl you want to itch your scar off lol
Vagina cleansing wipes gotta keep fresh
Hand soap
your results are amazing..please upload more pics if possible..My date is sept 16 with her, super nervous lol!!
How many days should i expect to be there? is it jus 10 days in rh or do u stay a few nights in clinic as well?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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