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I am so scared, nervous about the upcoming...

I am so scared, nervous about the upcoming procedure. I have been working out for months. I am trying to lose weight. I have 4 kids include a set of twins one that I had a c-section with. I have had multiple surgeries on my lower ab... I have that pouch (stomach overlay) no matter when I lose weight it never goes away. I am praying this surgery will help if not eliminate this extra flap and fat on my abs! This will be my realself journey!


Don't worry! The procedure itself was, in my opinion, a breeze! Even though I was awake (well, semi with the Vicodin & Valium), it was more uncomfortable at times than painful. In fact, I didn't experience any pain at all. I don't know how your doctor does it, but mine had a flat screen tv in front of me and I watched a silly movie (The Nanny Diaries!) which kept my mind off of what was going on. And even though I am not completely satisfied with the outcome because of some lumpiness, indents, etc., it is still much better than before. I too had multiple abdominal surgeries and had that pouch which no working out or anything could change. It definitely has almost completely eliminated that.
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I hate that you are not satisfied completely. I can't see myself not being if this darn pouch is eliminated and it looks better than before. Do you work out?

updated pre surgery pictures.

These pictures are after Working out for 2 months almost


At least 5 days a week!
Did it help with u r results?
Exercise always helps, but I think the endomerologie is helping more.
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