26 Years Old, Pre-diabetic, First Consultation on Monday!

Hi My name is Sheyla, Im very happy i found this...

Hi My name is Sheyla, Im very happy i found this page where i can read different point of views and experiences.
My first consultation is on Monday, Im so exited but nervous.
I am 26, pre-diabetic and over 100 pounds overweight.
I have tried every diet and exercise programs out there and nothing works, i lose 10 pounds and gain 15.
But im afraid if my insurance doesn't cover the surgery i wont be able to afford it.
Im looking forward to this.
I will be posting updates :)

xoxo Sheyla


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

How did your consultation go? Have you heard anything back about coverage?
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Hi!! Thank you I went to my consultation and im starting the process next week, on the 14th I have a sleep test, im nervous about having to sleep at the center without my hubby and son :) My insurance requires 6 nutrition appointments once a month. It will take a while but im happy, is just the beginning to a new life xoxo Sheyla
Good luck with everything. It does take time and hard work, but at least for me, it has definitely been worth it. I had the sleeve not the band, but the pre-op work is almost the same. You can do and I'll be following your journey!
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