Experience with Rhinoplasty

I have wanted to have this procedure done since I...

I have wanted to have this procedure done since I was in middle school. My nose has always been too big for my face, hump included. I actually started saving for rhinoplasty when I first got a job at 18 years old but between college, grad school and day-to-day expenses, it seemed as if I would never be in a financial position that would allow me to save enough. I did not want to finance. After paying off school and working fulltime for the past two years, I have finally saved enough.

I live in Connecticut, a state known more for it's high taxes than as a mecca for plastic surgery. Nonetheless, I still looked for plastic surgeons within the state. I met with one in the Greater Hartford area and he did not share the same outcome as I did. His words were something of the sort, "I'm afraid of making your nose appear introverted." Reserving the notion of concavity to geometry, I restarted my hunt for a plastic surgeon. I looked in New York. Then I stumbled across a surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Eric Joseph. While reading his reviews, it was apparent that it was worth drive to meet him.

The drive there wasn't as bad as I thought, the worst being the George Washington Bridge. His office was clean and well-decorated. His staff was wonderful. Friendly and welcoming. The wait time was nothing and the appointment started on time. Dr. Joseph took the time to answer my questions and concerns, examined my nose and then said those four words I was hoping to hear, "I can help you." His vision was exactly my vision. Dr. Joseph took the time to show me videos of previous patient's on cast-removal day. These patient's are the same patient's that have given him rave reviews on this website. These people do exist!

Being so far away from New Jersey, I made hotel reservations. Initially, there was an issue with the hotel, but Dr. Joseph's staff called and resolved the issue for me. Thus far, my experience has been exceptionally pleasant. Tomorrow I have the pre-op appointment, and then Friday is surgery day.
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