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Hello ladies I'm new to this blog, i had a...

Hello ladies I'm new to this blog, i had a consultation with Dr. Ghavamy, I'm looking to get a liposuction in 4 areas and butt augmentation using fat transfer.. And then wait a couple months to get a tummy tuck , which is separate from price mention above... I'm totally sure I want to do this but I'm so scared after reading so many bad thing about complications and I'm totally freak out... I have 2 kids who I love so so much.. And I can imagine if something happens to me what would be of there life's... Thats my main fear.. I want to see them all grown up... Aaahh maybe I sound all crazy, but those are my feelings... Please girls I need some help... I'm 1000% sure I want to do this.. But that my main fear....Had the consultation all waiting is for me to decide on booking my date.. I'm looking into May but don't know if I'm going to be brave enough ????
Don't be afraid it's normal. I've been waiting 7 yrs to do this and I only regret not doing it any sooner :( so far I am very happy with my results. I thought the pain was going to be worse but it really wasn't! :D I was up the next day walking around just felt like soreness. The pain mess really work lol
Wow girl I can't believe I'm almost reading my own story ! :) I just had lipo of my back and fat transfer to my buttocks, I am 5 days post op! I will be getting tummy tuck in a couple months too :))
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