41 with 2 Kids

Getting 28o cc an I'm a 34 c small c I'm afraid...

Getting 28o cc an I'm a 34 c small c
I'm afraid I'm goin to be huge , I'm a size 8 , can anybody help ?
I'm thinking id be best with240 or 255 I'm terrified of looking to top heavy .
It's booked for this Monday I would appreciate some advice as I am totally freaked out
Thanks girls
Help xxxxxxxxx
I'm a little older than you, also had 2 kids, breast fed both. I'm scheduled for the end if May. Getting 550 so I hope to be a full D. I'm about 34/C now. 34/B can also work depending on the bra. I have been wearing heavy padded bras for over a year but want the real thing now.
I'm freaking out went for 240 cc there huge , can't stop crying WhAt am I goin to do
I won't have my BA until the end of May but I have read that it can take up to two weeks for swelling to go down, maybe longer for some women. After that the breast don't seem as large as they do immediately following surgery. I am not speaking from experience, only from what I have read.
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