290cc Round Smooth Silicone HP, 20 Years Old, 5'8, 60kg

Since it has really helped me reading your reviews...

Since it has really helped me reading your reviews up here, I've decided I'll be sharing mine too. And partly because I honestly have no one I could talk to about this in a way we talk about it here. I'm 20 years old, tall and skinny. I've always been skinny and I've never thought I would want Breast implants but in the past year I've gotten a booty and wider hips so I have become more curvy and my tiny boobies don't look proportional anymore.

I have my consultation in two days so you'll be with be from the very beginning if I truly go through with this. To start off, I'm adding my boobs and my wish boobs.


I'm 23 and getting a Ba as well may15 mother to one and I definitely need it I'm also getting a TT and bl
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Can't get The Periareolar Incision :(

Just finished with my consultation. The bad news is, inframammary incision is the only option for me. I wanted periareolar incision because it's the least visible, but my nipple diameter is too small. Not too happy about this, because I'll be stuck with this scar for life and it's that much obvious you had a BA.

Also I'm very skinny (70cm bulk under breasts) so there is a big likelihood of side rippling. He has suggested round 295cc's implants or 325cc's max. His pick were the high profile ones, but since I was aiming for moderate ones, he then said I would have to go with the 275cc's (higher volume implants have too big diameter so more chance for rippling).

So confused guys, none of the options is ideal. :/


I wasn't even a candidate for mod+ Profile because my PS said my frame is too petite but I ended up with 275cc high profile if you want to check out some of my pics! Xo
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I think your surgeon is right. Everything over 275cc in moderate + would make your boobs very close to each other which isn't sexy. High profile usually gives more projection and more round shape. Profiles depends on look you are aiming for.
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Finally Told My Parents

I always talked about wanting to get breast implants, but my parents always dissed me with an "oh, stop it, silly", so I was scared about telling them I might actually go through with this in the next few months. My mum reacted just as I expected (since she has a close friend who has done it, it probably doesn't look that big of a deal to her) she said that she understands me and that she had known this day will eventually come.

My dad was a different story. He was really, really mad when I told him. Made him super upset.. he is a kind of dad who is straight on super against teeth whitening, hair coloring, spray tanning.. so this was just too much for him. He also kept saying I was too young, I should wait some more years to get more mature, or to have children: "when you'll have babies your boobies will grow!!!" (no daddy, they won't and besides I don't plan on having kids for at least 5 years..) When I made my case eventually, he came to understanding and is now supportive of me. He lets me know he would never encourage it, but if I truly made my decision, he stands behind me.

The only thing that bothers them the most is the fact that I'll take a loan for the surgery. I understand where they're coming from, I know I'll have loans throughout all my life later on and they don't want me to be in debts in my twenties, especially for "new boobs". But I work part time while studying and I'll manage it. I tried saving the money in advance but I just ended up spending it for more clothes, cosmetics and other nonsense. This way I'll be forced to simply work one year for this surgery. No clothes, no cosmetics. No vacation this summer. But hey... every next vacation will be that much fun because of it! ;)


http://www.realself.com/review/unknown-breast-implants-26-yrs-56-98-lbs-tiny-frame-360-ccs-saline-submuscular Check her profile. She is tiny too. She is an amazing girl. I'm sure she will answer you if you have some questions.
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I have a surgery date!

Omg, omg, omg. It's for real now. Monday, 26th of May is the day. I still haven't decided on the implants tho. I have until 26th of April to decide.

My PS has sent me my options:
- TSF 325cc (diameter 11,5cm, projection 4,7cm)
- TSF 295cc (diameter 11.25cm, projection 4,6cm)
- TSM 275cc (diameter 11,5cm, projection 3,8cm)

In all cases round textured Allergan Natrelle Inspira implants.

Can someone tell me what's the difference between textured and smooth implants? My PS hasn't discussed this with me I just saw now that he uses textured ones.

Oh, and I'm also attaching a pic of my physique!

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Looks like I'm going with the moderate profile :)

I've been thinking about this a lot and I have finally decided to go with moderate profile. Natrelle implants have higher projection than Mentor so I hope they'll be big enough. I sent an email to my PS if I can go a pinch bigger (295cc/325cc would be ideal) but if not, I'll take the 275cc. :D I'm definitely more calm with this decision than if I would've picked HP, because I'm playing it safe now, I just hope I'll end up with nice B/C boobies :) I'm sooooooooooo excited, can't wait!!!!

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Textured implants are supposed to prevent capsular contracture

Oh I almost forgot.. I've asked about the texture of the implants saying that to me, it doesn't seems necessary to use textured profiles since I'm getting round implants, so there is no fear they would turn (teardrop ones can turn and cause deformation and textured implants are suppose to prevent this) and they cause more rippling and folding than smooth ones.
He has sent an reply about how it is true that textured ones cause more rippling but they are also suppose to withhold the happening of capsular contracture. But I've done a massive research on the internet about this and there is no proof textured implants prevent capsular contracture, especially when placed submuscular.
So I asked if I can switch to smooth implants.. Even tho he is against it, it is my decision and I hope he'll respect that.

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290cc Round Smooth High Profile it is.

This is a little unexpected but it's final. I honestly would rather have mod+ profile but since I want the smooth texture to avoid rippling which often comes with textured ones, I had to make a choice of either going with the 270cc moderate profile which has only 3.7cm projection and 12cm diameter or go for HP and get 4.5cm projection with 11.5cm diameter base. I truly felt like 3.7 wouldn't be enough, after all, if I'm paying this money and risking all that comes along, the last thing I'd want is to end up with boobs that are too small or basically not even much of a difference. I also looked up some more before&after pics with HP implants and I gotta say, they don't always end up obviously-done-looking. Furthermore, my PS said HP would look good on my frame and all the doctors here on RealSelf have also agreed on HP.

That being said, I need to stop looking at the before&afters, because if I'll see a good looking mod+ or bad looking HP I'll be confused again. It's final, I have to believe everything will be okay and my boobies will look nice in the end!!!! I just HAVE to believe this, I simply can not afford even thinking about it ending up bad...

The only thing I'll do on this site is post my updates and pray for the best!!!!

35days to go! :))))


Good decision!!! I did so much research, I started to drive myself crazy...our before pic is similar!!! I was gonna go smaller then I did, but read a lot of stories with women being disappointed that the were too small...so I did 400 cc mentor profile plus silicone gel...love them!!! I am only 12 days post-op so they are still high & swollen! Best of luck in your journey! What is your date???
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I think you made a great choice. It is important to educate yourself, and you did a great job. I like how you explained pros and cons of HP and moderate profiles in your case. When it comes to textured implants, what I have read was that they cause friction inside the pocked which can lead to tightening of internal scar. CC is still mysterious, and it freaks us all out.
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Done with my surgery!

Yesterday was the day of my surgery and it went as smooth as it could! I could walk from the OR to the recovery room which surprised the nurses and they said they can not remember when was the last time they've had a patient who was so okay after the surgery. Beside from the heavy feeling on chest (feels like you have rocks on your chest) I felt no other discomfort, I wasn't dizzy or sick and I had my appetite back just right after I woke up. Regarding the operation itself, nurses and the doctor were ecstatic, said they couldn't have wished for a better outcome, they said everything went smooth as it could and that the implants turned out perfect!

I ended up with Smooth round 290cc HP implants which have 11.5cm diameter and 4.5cm projection.

The only thing really bugging me right now is the fact that it is extremely difficult to lay down and sit back up, and since I am used to sleeping on my side or better yet on my stomach and it's literally killing me to sleep on my back, I have such back pains guys.. I'm exhausted and can't sleep and it is the worst!

Today I'm going back to my PS so that they remove the tubes, and I hope I'll be able to see my new girls! And also, I can't wait to shower!!!


I had my surgery yesterday, 05/26!

First nudie pic with complications

I can't believe it.. First day after my surgery not even a drop of blood, but now that I am at home, with my PS 100km away, I bleed so much (under my left boob, the right one is doing fine and it has
also dropped noticeable) , that i stained my bra. I talked with my PS on the phone and had to send him pics so I have a official first nudie post-op pic.

I had to place fresh gauze and tape and I have to send him a new pic in the morning and if there is still much blood, I have to go see him, a 100km away, so I REALLY hope that will not be necessary.


Any one my size? 5'6" 15 lb athletic build. P'S wants to use silicone cohesive overs.sub facial . Surgery in june!
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135 lbs. Lol

I can already see a difference!

Today is the 4th day since my surgery and I can already see a difference in the look of my boobies and my well being. I am down to only one pill per day (started with 3 per day) and I have one more day on my antibiotics which has unfortunately caused me a yeast infection :(. I take my pill in the morning to survive the morning boob but tomorrow I'll try to go off it completely.

I still feel more sore on my left side and by the marks it is also visible that my left boob is still more swollen and high. I also can't lift my arms for more than 90 degrees.

My main concern was if my boobs are to wide apart but I can already see a difference from day two and I hope they'll come more close together as they drop and soften up. I just want a nice cleavage!

I have to change my patches once a day and that's about it.

I am also very bloated and in combination with my new boobies and my big butt, this belly now makes me look like I am pregnant!! I seriously look like a fertile goddess LOL! Can't wait to get active again.

I know I have to be careful about what and how much I eat, since all I do is lay in my bed all day and I really don't want to put up any weight.. The one thing that surprised me is that I wasn't experiencing any constipation which is usually a problem with me, and also the reason why I started drinking coffee every morning. But now I haven't even had a cup since the surgery because I am worried it would heighten my blood pressure too much.

Anyways that's about it and I am adding the comparison photo!

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Put my first shirt on!

Just woke up feeling really happy, my morning boob went from 10 to 6 on a scale of pain and I'm off my pain killers, also i just took my last antibiotic. Furthermore, yesterday I put on my first piece of clothing that is not buttoning at front but goes over head. Funny how happy these little things make me. ^^


I'm so glad all went well! I read about the complication you had. I'm sorry that you had to go through it. I have to say that I wonder how would I look if I picked HP... You look amazing! They already look so good! Your natural crease isn't small, so they will probably look more natural at the end. I'm happy for you! Keep us posted!
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Showering never felt so good!

I had my one week check-up today and everything looks fine, I got a green light to finally take shower and it feels enlightening!

I really wish I could workout a bit because my belly is out of control and it also looks I've gotten more cellulite on my thighs, but I don't know if that's just my imagination as a result of my bad conscience since I have only been laying around and eating for the past week, it's killing me. I was wondering, can I do excersises that don't include my pectoral muscels or I mustn't elevate my heart rate at all?

I have also been trying out some tops that I hated wearing before but now.. Feels like a runway is going down in my bedroom, lol. I am in love with my boobies!

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Trying out dresses

Love them more with every day, they're the perfect size and they've already gotten more close together.

The only thing bothering me, really, is the fact that they're super tense!!! I want them to soften up, because it is kind of ridiculous how hard are they. Also I am torn if i should massage them, since my PS hasn't mentioned anything..


They look beautiful on you and your figure, so pretty. I was wondering, in your last two pictures with dresses are you wearing a strapless bra?
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Thank you! Nope, no bra. :-) I actually don't see the point in wearing a bra with those kind of dresses anymore. And it is so much more comfortable!
What cup size did you start with and what did you end with?, I didn't see you mention it.
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Burns and sneezes

As you can see, I got too comfortable with the sun today, and that is, in two different bikini tops so now I have rainbow burns.

Anyway, I wanted to show you how I look in a bra. It's my mom's because I haven't gone bra shopping yet.

Also it is so funny that I can't sneeze! I still feel tension on my chest so I automatically suppress the sneeze, and make the funniest sound ever. I wander when will I be able to sneeze normally again, lol!


You look great!!! We are roughly the same size..My BA is tomorrow and I'm going with 325 hp (the dimensions are the same as yours) and have had last minute freak outs about the profile. Really hoping my results are like yours!
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Not with perky shapely boobs like yours, no, I suppose not. Ugh. I have 350cc's that need a bra even in dressed like those. They only stayed up nicely on their own for the first few months -.-

Trying out some old bikinis

I had my 2 week post-op check up on monday and everything is great. I got the go-ahead to get back on track with my workouts, except jogging, jumping and swimming. I can sleep on my side again, which is a bliss! I am seriously getting sick of wearing sports bra tho, but oh well oh well, I'll survive! :)


Since you're in my category with the stats, high profile is most suitable for us. I don't regret going with the high profile even tho I had big doubts. They honestly don't look "bought" at all!!! I hope your surgery went well, I'll check out your profile!
I just found this site a few days ago so I haven't written anything yet. I went from consult on 5/27 to surgery on 6/12 - no time to barely even think. A couple cancellations got me in super fast. So far so good though. They look tight and funky right now, and almost smallish, but I know that'll change. :)
Hey, glad everything went well! They looked smallish to me at first too, but as you said, they get better and better looking by day! Keep us posted! :-)


Don't worry, I won't go outside with white tank top and no bra, I was just playing dress up with some new clothes..

I hate the fact that I'm breaking out on my chest because I have to wear the sports bra 24/7 and my skin is really suffering. :(


You look absolutely awesome. Victoria Secret boobs! That's what I am hoping for.
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Big difference between left and right incision

I have no clue why but my left incision is doing much better than the right one. :-/


We heal differently, so don't worry about your incisions. My right incision was slower in healing too. I can feel the difference even I'm almost 3 months post op. Actually, I feel the implant in my crease because I had very little breast tissue and body fat. You look amazing anyway! I think you picked perfect size for you! Now that I look at you, I'm wondering how would I look with HP. :)
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High Profile VS. Moderate (+)

I decided I'll do a separate post about this topic before I do my regular update post.. I was so torn between HP and mod+ and I know many of you went through the same dilemma and many more are going through it right now, so I decided to clear up this topic as helpful as I can.

When I was deciding on the profile the one fear I had in mind was the fact that HP would look more fake and obviously "done" looking. But now that I have them, I can honestly say this isn't nearly the case. Not just to me, everyone who has seen my boobs now has told me they look natural and proportional - keep in mind that's also because I haven't gone overboard with the size.

The one thing to have in mind regarding HP VS. mod+ is the fact that when you LAY DOWN, that's when the difference comes to life - you have to realize, natural boobs "flatten" when a woman lays down, but implants pretty much stay "up". And if you have high profile, they are just so much more obviously upright. That's pretty much the only difference.

And speaking generally about implants, the biggest (and probably only) downside of it all, for me - is how they feel to touch. I feel relieved that they've soften up a bit in these four weeks but in comparison with natural boobs, they are still stiff. I am counting on them softening up more in the upcoming months - after all, my PS told me it can take up to a year to soften up the final. But on the other hand that's also the reason why it looks so good in dresses and tanks even when you're braless, so even this downside has its benefits. :-)

Bottom line, if you have a tiny frame and can't afford big CC's because of the base diameter, I say go with high profile, because you'll get the volume you want, look good in sports bra and dresses without a bra, but still avoid rippling (caused by too large base diameter). If you CAN afford large CC's, go with mod+ or moderate, because it will look much more natural, and you'll have enough volume either way. HP will almost certainly look odd when you'll lay down and have 350 cc's or more "standing" upright on your chest.

All that being said - you have to realize that everything has its downsides and benefits but personally, looking back - I wouldn't change a thing.


You look great! Did you know your BWD?
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Thanks? Idk, what BWD means?
Sorry, there should be an exclamation mark after thanks! ^^

They're perfect!

Hi my lovelies! Can't believe it has been almost two months. Everything is great, I am back on track with my workouts, volleyball, swimming, everything feels like before but BETTER, because I feel confident, sexy, feminine and just really damn good in my own skin. I would do it again every single time.

They are perfectly shaped, positioned and sized, I couldn't wish for more.

I owe you a new nudie. Have a nice day!


A lot of people like to say you look great but that is normally relative. In your case they are not only perfectly even they are perfectly shaped and positioned. You couldn't do one thing to improve them more and they look very much like your wish pair. You are very lucky but your future husband is luckier.
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Aww thanks, your comment just made my day!!! You can't imagine how happy I am about them, this was honestly best decision EVER!
Hi hun You look awesome. May I ask if you got unders or overs? xx
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