Time to Get These out of my Body!!

Just found this site thank god!!! So I have had...

Just found this site thank god!!! So I have had these implants for over 15years....never had any problems.
So 2 and 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma...it was stage IV and I have went through rounds of intense chemo for the last year and now I am in the phase of treatment ever 8 weeks. So long story short has any one else read the link between implants and cancer? My Dr. advise she can not say this is why I have cancer but I have no family history. This cancer will never be cured...I will never be able to say I am in remission and this scares the shit out of me.
So I am ready....I live in Philadelphia and if anyone can recommend a good surgeon. The cancer center has a surgeon who help the women who under going Breast Cancer....and I have a appointment to speak with him but would like to see if anyone lives in my area and has someone they can recommend.
Many thank ladies!!!!!
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I'm sorry to hear about your health issue. There is a great breast doctor in phila Dr Ted Eisenburg. Maybe be can help you with removal. What kind of implants do you have?
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I'm so sorry to hear about your lymphoma. That sounds really miserable! Doctors say that implants have nothing to do with cancer. I do hope that removing them improves your overall health, though. Please do keep us posted!
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Me too!
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What symptoms were you having when you were diagnosed?
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I want to know as well..
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Hi ShantelH, For some reason I just got this? I noticed an large bump under my armpit in September 2013 and didn't have it looked at. Then February 2014 I went to the doctors and she had me get an ultrasound and it had showed that silicone was around my lymph node. So then she requested that I have a diagnostic mamo and that's when it showed that my right implant was ruptured so she said to have a MRI to confirm. I had the MRI done and it showed that it was ruptured as well and that it was leaking into my lymph nodes on my right side. Now that it's been confirm that I have a ruptured silicone implant all the symptoms that other people have posted makes sense!! Seeing how it has been leaking for some time now. Here are some of the symptoms that I am experiencing 1. Depression 2. Tingling in my arms at night when sleeping 3. Raynauds 4. Thinning hair 5. Body aches 6. Muscle twitching 7. No SEX DRIVE at all 8. Cycle is very light I'm only 44 years young and have always been athletic but the last few years have been tough. I have no motivation to do anything and I'm do scared about the long term affect that the silicone will have on me. Getting them out on June 18th!!! I'm a nervous wreck!! I got the diagnostic back in February and now I just want these toxic things out!!! The reason it is taking so long is because I interviewed a few PS and I also need a breast surgeon the same day to remove the 3cm lymph node/ silicone. I scheduled to have explant with lift. The doctor wants to put implants back in because he said even with just a lift I won't be happy. I'm seeing him June 5th and I'm telling him that I don't want any implants. I'm also wondering if I should just get them out and give my body a year to heal and detox? I'm so confused!
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