Looking for a Doc to Take These Silicone Implants OUT!

I have had small silicone implants for 5 years. I...

I have had small silicone implants for 5 years. I continue to develop capsular contracture. The first time it was the right side, then it was the left side. It is worsening and continues to be firm and not as natural looking as I would like. I would like to just be small-breasted again.
I think that this site is SO very helpful to those that are unsure about procedures--especially one like implant removal which is sort of taboo to most plastic surgeons. I have some consults this week and will keep you all posted on the doctor that I choose!


Here is a pic


I have a couple consults scheduled this week. I'm hoping to find the right doctor soon
Oof, I'm sorry you're having to deal with capsular contracture. But I'm glad you found us and reached out! Let us know how your consultations go!
I understand your situation. I have silicone implants that are over 20 yrs old. Great for lots of yrs but now are hard and very uncomfortable. Besides my tops, sweaters look awful. My implants have "traveled" upward on my chest and my. boobs look even BIGGGGGER! Have surgery scheduled to have them out along with breast lift on 2-14-14. Soooo looking forward to getting them out and having soft natural feeling boobies again. Good luck with your journey. Find a good plastic surgeon and if he is truly good he will listen to you and do what you ask. Good luck. smiles.


After visiting several doctors in Arizona, I finally met the right one. Dr. Meger listened, did not insist upon exchanging the implants, and gave what I think is a fair price for the procedure. I will be scheduling the explantation very soon. Also, I preferred to have only local sedation, and he said that he would accomodate me even though this procedure usually is done under twilight sedation. FINALLY A SURGEON WHO DOES NOT PUSH HIS OPINIONS ON HIS PATIENTS!!!
Hi there, I did not have capsule removal and no drains. I did not develop seroma, but I did stay compressed for a couple of months (compression bras and ACE bandage over at first, later bras 24/7) and also RESTED and did not lift anything heavy, move my arms too much, or try to go back to working out for a long time. Sometimes seroma will happen even if you take every precaution, but I have noticed a trend that some ladies will develop it after they go back to full activity too soon or don't compress. Better safe than sorry, give your body every advantage in keeping that implant pocket closed up and not being over-active in your healing months. Best wishes to you for a safe and uneventful explant healing process. Really love and be gentle on your body and soul, and give yourself the rest and peace to heal.
Great advice, thank you!
hi angie :) i had posted a question regarding time frame for compression after explant; no one has answered yet. how long until a response is made usually? thank you!

I have a date!!!

My explant is scheduled for 3/17/14...dr. Meger's office called me due to a cancellation. I am good to go, local only since I opted to forego anesthesia. I AM READY!!!
Bet you are sooooo incredibly excited for your explant date to hurry and get here. That is how I have felt for the past 2 wks. My explant surgery is scheduled for 3-14-14. I am also having a breast lift at the same time. Cannot wait to have natural looking boobs again. Will be going from a 38 D+To about a 36 B. Hoping for a full B would like a small C even better. All I know is I am oh so ready to get rid of these huge rock hard lumpy boobs for some nice soft natural ones. Keep us posted on your surgery and recovery. Smiles
I sure will keep you posted....we can recover together :)
Thanks ilovenatural....I'd like that very much. hugs

They are out!!!!!! Woo hoo!

Today was my surgery. I had local only, the entire procedure took only 40 minutes or so. Dr. Meger used local numbing, waited a bit, then took out these silicone sacs!!! He also revised a scar I had from the breast augmentation. I think I will have an issue with the scar under the right breast, but I do not care. It had begun retracting inward for the past few months. It may have to do with the capsular contracture. ANYWAY......I am the proud new owner of natural breasts!!!
Gorgeous! Your post op pic is fantastic, I can't believe how great they looked right after surgery. Congratulations!
Thank you! I feel great already :)
Thank you! I can't believe I kept the implants for as long as I did!

Advice on Firming Product....CREME DE LA MER WORKS MIRACLES!!!

hi, i want to share some incredible products to use before and after the explantation. la mer can be purchased at high-end retailers like neiman marcus, nordstrom's, etc. yes it cost A LOT, but, this is your only set of boobs. i got the lifting contour serum which i put on the entire breast area including the decollete (chest). then i put the la mer firming body cream over that. Try to apply these products twice a day. once my incisions heal i will massaging the original thick creme de la mer cream on them twice daily. you will probably be super impressed with the texture and firmness of your skin after using these products. AMAZING STUFF!! i know that some people us cocoa butter and stuff like that, but the truth is that it does not get better than la mer. good luck ladies!!! you can probably start with a couple samples first; sometimes you really do get what you pay for :) i will continue to post pics of my boobies for all of you as time goes on.
Thanks for sharing :) what size implant did you have? Do you think you are the same size after ?x
Re my last message - that was meant to say do you think you are the same size as pre BA x
Well, I had a full lift with implants, so I am smaller now. I LOVE my small boobs though and do not regret a thing, even though the scar under the right breast is retracting. It was all worthwhile

Three week pics

You look awesome! I am thinking of explanting as well. Do you mind sharing how many cc's and low, moderate, or high profile?
Thanks! I had under muscle 250cc mod plus gummy bear silicone...r u sick of the implants? I was!!!
I haven't even had them a year. I have 210 filled to 240 mp. I was going for just a lift a decided to get implants just for shape. So stupid. I had plenty of tissue and feel huge now... Huge. Thinking I should go low profile or just explant. It's such a tough choice.

Awesome staff

I had a follow up appointment today. I feel like one of the family at Dr. Meger's office, they are so friendly!
Here's some pics of one month later
Wow. You look amazing. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you!

One month later!!!

Everything continues to improve I am very pleased with my results and I love the way I look in and out of clothes!
wow you dont look much different without them... in fact better without them :))
Thank you! I'm thrilled without them :)

2 months after

I am still completely thrilled with my boobies :)
You look so great girl! Thanks so much for sharing!! Love reading all these positive outcomes!! :)
You look great! Your post explant pics are a million times better than pre. No wonder you are thrilled! Thanks for sharing.
I appreciate that. This site is so helpful!
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. G. Robert Meger and was immediately reassured that I had made the right decision by choosing him. I walked into the office and was greeted in a very friendly way I was made to feel very comfortable. the nurse was super informative when it came to the procedural aspects of the surgery. Dr. Meger finally made his way into the exam room and never tried to convince me to put implants back in. He was very upfront that I would have no upper pole fullness and that's fine with me. Originally they were pretty booked out and I would not have been able to get my procedure for several months but they did call me a week later or so and let me know that a cancellation happened and I would be able to do it on March 6. Well that's all she wrote I signed up and I've never looked back! Apparently he does a lot of face work a lot of breasts and a lot of tummy tucks, lipo and stuff like that. The most important thing is that he is a board-certified plastic surgeon, there are so many doctors out there doing these procedures who are not qualified to do so.

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