33yrs Old, One Child, 5'5, 125, 32A Looking for a 32 Full C Small D.

I saw Dr Barnthouse today and he was amazing!! I...

I saw Dr Barnthouse today and he was amazing!! I felt like he really took the time to show and explain the different options so I could fully understand and see where I was going with this process. I previously had consultations where I received no info just told what was going to be done. I have also been told I was confusing and most patients come in knowing what they want (I thought I did!!!!) Well, at this consult I got a thorough explanation of what different sizes and shapes would do for my frame.... I felt super informed without even asking my first question. My favorite part about it all is that I felt we were on the same page with the look I want to achieve. That was most important to me because he made reference to all of my insecurities without me bringing them up. Truly pleased and looking forward to surgery in 2 months!!!!!
Silicone Gell HP 400-430 ccs inframmerary incision Under the muscle.


Glad to hear you and your doctor are on the same page with the look you want to achieve. Feel free to post some before photos or wish boob photos. When is your actual surgery date?
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Good idea!!!! I took a ton of pics....By the time the consult was over and he was ready to look at them. I didnt even need him too because he was thorough during the consult I knew he could do just by the conversation. My son leaves for the summer in at the end of May but I need a def date for his departure before I can set my actual date but I know it will be June for sure (if he isnt booked) thanks for your comment Beth. I will get pics posted this eve!
Looking forward to your pics. Keep us posted on any news!

Another appt soon!!!

I go back to see the Dr on Thursday!!!!!! I am going to pay and attempt to schedule. I am still indecisive about the actual date because of my schedule but I
Still like 5/22 or 06/05. I am attaching a couple of pics that I like.

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I have 9 days left until my surgery!!!!!!! May 21st 230 PM. Dr.B!!!!!

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