I've been very interested in plastic surgery...

I've been very interested in plastic surgery initially for a tummy tuck, click here to read my review. Now I am obsessed about BBL's. I've been on the search for almost a year now. Reading, researching, looking, finding. What an experience. Very tiring and a lot of times discouraged. My personality has changed a lot I've become surgery obsessed! But not in a bad way I've become obsessed with making sure I am making the right decision.

This being said. DR is my option. I am having surgery in May yes I am excited and not nervous at all. I've traveled there and done my fare share of investigations. From
Where u would exchange currencies to which areas are good to what I am willing to compromise to what I am not. It's been an experience and I have enjoyed it to the fullest. Body Transformations, girls going through pain and obtaining results, going to second rounds. I've seen it all. Even death :'(
Now I am prepared for my own journey and experience. I am now prepare to enter this phase.

From top surgeons for dental Work to breast, tt, bbl and All others.


Hey hun welcome to real self and good luck on your journey hope u find the PS that Will give u exacly ur dream body who u think on going With ? Keep us posted
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Lovanox and Heparin

For those who do not know what it is and what it is for. Anticuagulants shot prescribed by your surgeon to be administer once a day for 6 or 7 days post op.

Came across some information about possible side effects when taken after receiving epidural or anesthecia administer through spinal cord. Possible side effects causing long term paralysis.
I will call the Dr. Tomorrow and ask about this.
For now I am only occupying myself with buying -ensure -maxi dresses- maternal pads -chuxs - wipes - Clorox wipes - antibacterial soap - urinal - dried shampoo - big panties - second garment


I'm so excited for you! Do you know where you're staying yet?
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Staying at Armonia Recovery
Thank you ryry 21

Duran tt bbl

So looking into all my post op meds came across wanting to get my breast done. I don't know but I am desperate to really have them done. What to do?


Hi I'm doin some research about the epidural in spine put fir tt bbl and lipo. I'm very scared when i had my son i got 2 epidural and i went paralyzed for 2 months. I'm scared this may happen. Well i can't for sure say that was it because i didn't get paralyzed til 3 years later. I can only assume it was from that. Did u ever get an answer
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No I did not, I've tried to have a conversation with her about the little details but she's been missing in action, I guess to busy. I can only do my best as to research once I get there we will see

Dominican Republic Tummy Tuck

A lot has happened since my last update. Got sick with the influenza one of my family members died and on the same week my sister gets laid off. I guess to much. Not only that.... Now my doc tells me I should wait for a month to pass before going under the knife because I had the influenza oh by the way there was a slight dropped on my hemo levels I guess do to my sickness, don't know. I've been late for my period now for 6 days. 4 pregnancy test later and NEGATIVE...
I guess sometimes bad things happen to good people
Once in a while.

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Good news!

No prego! Yeeeyyy :D

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Dominican Republic getting ready

I am updating with a few questions plus a few product info. I am falling for M y D Fajas and I've looked to buy them online but haven't found anything. What I did find was an email and phone number I called them and had no problem with getting the price etc. The model F0082 for $130.00us and for extra compression around my midsection a table like they called it model TA104 for $18.00us and a vest with sleeves for $44.00us. I heard of this brand from one of the girls here on realself as per her and what I interpreted was that she liked it more than Fajate because it delivered more compression. When I spoke to the seller she instructed me to wash the faja by hand not to place in the sun or drier and once it was dried to place it on the freezer. As per what she said it helps the elastic remain intact and not loose compression and or tightness.

I've had a few run ins that contradict a few believes and or instructions and or other things. HIBICLENS yeah!! HIBLICENS the one and only. Some say is better to just wash with anti bacterial soap and water others suggest this, but what to do now days every one has something to say and or knows making it difficult to make the right choice.

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Wish pics

I've been wishing, I've been wishing *Beyonce voice* perky booty and low thin tt scar. I am getting more and more excited :)


Sorry what was the name of the compression garments ? The one for the arms. . Thanks
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M y D
Thank u

Preparing Dominican Republic Trip

Planning on going to Sam's club to purchase the Clorox wipes, alcohol and pads oh! and checking if they have the chuxs. Little by little all is going well and running according. My surgery date is July 2nd 2014 !

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Realself Sunday


Great post! Ty for all the info! Way too many garments to choose from out there!
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Most deff! They offer free shipping

Sunday surgery research DR

Well, well... I'll take Hiblicens and I'll have to change to something else when it comes to arnica. Allegedly studies show not to much difference in bruising so I am looking into bromelian. If you look in google the benefits of Arnica you'll understand. For some reason I feel I don't need as much as I thought. Yes 1- good pillow
2- body pillow
3-some muscle relaxer to sleep and heal faster
6-Clorox wipes
9-warm blanket
10-bigger panties and lots of them!
11-dried shampoo (thts just me)
12- maxi dresses
Things we should already have
1-tooth brush, tooth paste
3-chanclas or flip flops

Of course all meds that ur doctor can prescribed.
Is that a lot?

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My view

This girl looks amazing. The before and after results are stunning! I am NOT interested in results like this one, but I can say whom ever did her waist gave her what she wanted. :) good day girls while I keep counting the days


All the best with your bbl I'll b following you..Let me kno if you found out mo info on those shots
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Good luck on your journey.nits coming soon!
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Maxi dresses for comfort BBl, Tummy Tuck

Well went online to purchase some maxi's. Went online to Forever21.com they have a variety of maxi dresses and reasonable pricing. Since I'll be swollen and in pain I decided to buy 3 with some color to get my spirit up and cheer myself :) nothing like putting the effort to feel better.


***Forgot to mention I also purchased basic black for the first days ;)
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Thank you @sassyDoll14 will do! Kind of impossible when my surgeon is so busy!! :)
I meant its coming soon.

Tummy tuck bbl! Maxi!! Maxi!!

There's a 70% off at HM

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Iron for surgery

Fruits and Vegetables High in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral used to transport oxygen to all parts of our body. A slight deficiency of iron causes anemia (fatigue/weakness), and a chronic deficiency can lead to organ failure. Conversely, too much iron leads to production of harmful free radicals, and interferes with metabolism causing damage to organs like the heart and liver. Iron which comes from fruits and vegetables is well regulated by the body, so overdose is rare and usually only occurs when people take supplements. Contrary to popular belief, fruits and vegetables can be a good source of iron, in addition, vitamin C foods, which are mostly fruits and vegetables, help increase the absorption of iron into the body. The current percent daily value for iron is 18 milligrams (mg). Below is a list of fruits and vegetables high in iron.


Hi where did u order the ta-104 from i can find it. :}
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Meds and More


M&D I called the number provided in the webpage. Spoked to a lady and she gave me all the info. They do free shipping! ;)

Tummy tuck, BBL dominican republic

I am stressing about Second stage garments! Omg... I don't know why but I think is maybe I am getting extra nervous. Lord be with me

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Duran girl in 31 days

At the beach today, updating from my cellphone & it hit me hard. I am dying for this surgery, this is what I want. Feeling ready :)

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Cost ????????

4,500 surg
233 ticket
675 Recovery Home
135 Post Garment
30 boost and pads
30 Maxie's, tank tops, undies

Still need
Compression socks, pain meds, insurance, heparin shots, and brusing med.


Which recovery house u staying at I am having my surgery on the 2nd of July with Duran I am staying at angies
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Hey girl I'm having surgery on the 2nd with yily. Can't wait. Was looking in to angelas what's the price per night and transportation?
Hey Bootay!! Surgery day July 2nd


Today decided to pass by FOREVER21 and found some tank tops for $1.80!!! Yes! 1.80. For 14.99 grabbed a second faja to put on while the one given by Duran is washed. 14.99 nothing complicated! Simple but it delivers compression. Got my Exhinacea pills as suggested by my primary care Dr. I'll have a pill a day 5 times a week! ;). Yes I am NERVOUS I am starting to feel so anxious and overall just worried. Is this normal?


who is ur surgeon surgery 411
Dra Durán

Tummy Tuck

I've become sort of obsessed with the incision left by the tummy tuck procedure. All the precautions that I'll have to take and the ones that are caring for me. Can any of you help me?


Thank you for your review. You have some great information on here! I will still be in the DR when you have surgery with Duran, so I will come by CIPLA and check on you. I will inbox you. Good Luck!
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@butterfly2dragonfly so kind of you! I look forward to meeting you!! :)
26 more days very happy for you!!
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The closer you get the more and more you become REALLY obsessed! If you though you were obsessed 5 months prior!! Well let me tell you It gets better! Lol no sleep no thoughts lol as long as they don't have to do with Bootay and Tummies jeje

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Prescription list


I love booty number 2!!! :-)
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Perky perky
whos list is this? and whats sup
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Hemo Problems

Today for my check up I came out with hemo levels at 12. Back in feb had it at 12.5 in April had it at 12.1 and as of today 12.0
To be honest I just started being consistent with the iron and vit intake. Sooo! Back in feb I was consistent but I guess I stopped and here we are. At less than a month from my surgery 7/2/14 my doctor prescribed IROPLEX liquid and FLORADIX. My RS bestie @Bootayy suggested I increase my iron intake from 1 to 2 or 3 as her doctor suggested for her. Here is a brief explanation of both the supplements. I hope you guys take the best out of it and if you girls have advice please feel free to comment below. Thanx!!!

Floradix® is a liquid iron supplement that is specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation. In fact, over 98% of the iron is available for quick potential absorption. The daily use of Floradix® helps normalize low iron levels to boost energy, vitality and optimal health.
Iron is an essential element for the body. It combines with copper and protein to make hemoglobin, a major component of red blood cells which transports oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues of the body. Iron is also needed throughout the body for adenosine triphosphate production (ATP), which is required for cellular energy and proper cell function. When iron is low, ATP production drops and energy levels decrease as a result.
The signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include: Fatigue, weakness, pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, brittle hair and nails, shortness of breath and cold hands and feet.

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Liquid Iron

Hello ladies, finally saturday found the Iroplex it cost me 24 dollars and I must say I don't like it. Its thick and yucky :(
Still need to get my hands on Floradix I'll find that at the Fresh Mart supermarket. This weekend was loads of fun for me. On the other hand started feeling some kind of way about my surgery and getting scared to the point of crying. Having someone that needs you makes this whole life a lot complicated than simple. Anywho now I am over it but I must admit I will enjoy myself the best I can till my surgery date. No more stress not at all. Blessings


:-) Hey sis.yes,be happy ma,we are in for an emotional rollercoaster. I am glad ur feeling better. I want to get me some of that Iroplex. You arent anemic so im surprised ur doc prescribed for u.mine wouldnt give me a damn iron supplement.I was 15.1 but since the misscarriage I drop to 10.1 Im taking geritol,iron,and chlorophyll. I always take chlorophyll tho :-) im gonna see if I can get my hands on ur cocktail mix :-)
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My Dr. initially suggested the chlorophyll I will also take that. For now iroplex, iron pills, and floradix. Your hemo was 15.1 you were maaade! After I started this journey now I am obsessed with my hemo not only for the surgery but I'll keep it up for the rest of my days lol

No more Alcohol!

Ok! So... No more alcohol for me in a while. I am really getting closer to the day. Worried not really but somehow in tiny fractions of the day I will see myself walking to CIPLA and being sooo scared :(
Hopefully is only my nerves and once I get there I get excited

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Compression vs Ted Hose

Hello Hello, I'm back. While I wait for my surgery date to get here I spend my time researching and looking around RS for post op FLAWLESS dolls, barbies and gorgeous women coming together to share there life changing experience.

•If the patient is ambulatory they should wear "medical graduated compression stockings"
•If patient is laying in bed they should wear "anti-embolism stockings". *Complicated? Well to me at least it was. I did not know which one to buy and why!!? my favorite question WHY?.

-Anti-Embolism lasts for about 3 weeks since its mainly purpose is to serve those who can NOT walk. Or for immediately post-surgical.
-Compression stockings lasts for about 6 months if they are properly taken care of. They treat a variety of conditions venous insufficiency, lymphedema and varicose veins. For AMBULATORY patients.

See ya next time :)


Wow, that date is coming up quickly. How exciting!
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Yes it is!!! I've been dreaming and All! Even when I sleep I cant get it out of my mind!

Avoiding Infections

I'm back, this time I've been on the look on how to avoid infections. -

After surgery we are so vulnerable and our immune system is down for a few days. Here on this link http://www.hdcarecompass.com/Blog/February-2012/Patient-Safety--What-You-Can-Do-to-Avoid-Infection
there's an entire article about how we can avoid infections and what are the things we should ask our surgeon before surgery in regards of this. I read it and it gave me peace of mind. It also mentioned a soap! CHLORHEXIDINE that should be used the day before surgery if our surgeon recommends it. I'll be trying to purchase one before I depart to DR which is only 16 days away.

They also have a section that talks about the signs of a POST OPERATIVE INFECTION & what to do. All of this information is GOLD! Not because we might think we will get it but because we want to be knowledgable about our body's and have an idea about how it works and speaks to us. In a positive way if we know our body and how is responding we can addressed anything without fear or insecurity! Please follow that link and I hope is of help. Have a blessed week

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Sterile water & Petroleum Gauze

Went to Walgreens and checked out a few things. There I found sterile water like in a aerosol can but when pressed it released a fair amount of water. Im considering buying it once I'm back and have the clear to take a shower. I'll be cleaning my incision with that. I also came across some info about petroleum jelly gauze, allegedly is good for incisions to help healing- NOW , I posted a question still waiting for an answer from the drs here on RS about this PETROLEUM GAUZE. While I was looking around I came around other information as well. This time about incisions that re-open and for some reason refuse to close. I must say it is more common than I thought, a lot of patients had this problem. Any who just though I mentioned it because DR gets a lot of slack about EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! All the stories I read were here on RS and from US surgeons.

On another note. My day is closer and I am nervous as I've been but the closer it gets and the more I read I become more comfortable and ready to take on this new part of life.


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Cover or Uncovered wounds?

This is amazing!! I've been researching and learning SOOO much thanx to this surgery. I have to be thankful for this forum it's a tool to share with you all, all of my findings and amazing discoveries in the middle of the night. I also want to be thankful to GOD for giving me the INMENZE CURIOSITY I have and the LOVE I have TO READ.

Please I ask you all to read this EXTRORDANERY article!

How To Heal Open Wounds Faster? Keep Wounds Moist.

Scientific research has shown that a moist healing environment is beneficial for wound healing. Wounds heal 50% faster if kept moist (Winter, 1962)

Moist wounds enhance the regrowth of new skin (epithelialisation). Other studies have shown that a moist wound prevents tissue dehydration and cell death.

The cells in a to the air exposed wound will dry out and die. This dead tissue, often mixed with gauze pad fibers will lead to more wound pain, chance on infections and as a result scarring.

“Moisture prevents the formation of a hard scab, which acts as a barrier to the development of new tissue,”
source: dermatologist Bruce Katz, M.D., associate clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

And also:
“Despite the theoretic risk that a moist environment is associated with a higher risk of wound infection, studies have shown that occlusive dressings do not increase the incidence of infection.”
source: Hutchinson J. Prevalence of wound infection under occlusive dressings: a collected survey of reported research. Wounds 1989;1:123-33.

Why covering wounds?

Necrotic tissue and slough in a wound prevent healing.

An epitheliasing wound is a wound that is forming a film of new cells. ( the beginning of a crust) When a wound is left uncovered this new epithelium dries out and forms a scab or a crust. This is not desirable because crusting slows down wound healing and is a major factor in scar creation.

-Wounds that were kept moist healed in approximately 12 to 15 days while the same wound when exposed to the air healed in about 25 to 30 days.


Love it, thanks for taking the time to post all of the useful info!
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Full of info thanks for sharing this sis
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Wow very informative
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Shopping here and there


yes buddy 10 more days we have..........
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Hello i am leaving around july 15 and i am looking for a buddy i am from rochester ny i will be flying delta
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Hi @shanya6578 Unfortunetly I'll be back home by that time. My best wishes to you!

What Pads to use!!?

Well... I know for a fact that if I am stressing over something so simple probably someone out there is also! Today I went ahead and decided to purchase the WALGREENS MAXI pads because... well it made sense and plus they were cheap :-/ $4.69 pack of 48 excuse my budgeting but, I'm on a mission! Lol.

Then I went online and came across a young lady who had surgery. I asked her opinion and she suggested the long maternal ones the ones that are square and almost flat. The picture shows The brand and style plus the one's I bought (Walgreens). She went on to say she only used about 6 maxi pads because that model worked for her and she used them almost all! She only took a pack of 20.

There it is! I guess I'm done stressing about this!
Night and Blessings xoxo


Girl! Please! If You buy at least 2 things of the list a month by the time your surgery date gets here you'll be as relax as you can be! My best of wishes and blessings to u! Xoxo

Blue Pill (Dormicum)

The drug is used for treatment of acute seizures, moderate to severe insomnia, and for inducing sedation and amnesia before medical procedures. It possesses profoundly potent anxiolytic, amnestic, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, skeletal muscle relaxant, and sedative properties.[6][7][8] Midazolam has a fast recovery time and is the most commonly used benzodiazepine as a premedication for sedation; less commonly it is used for induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

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Difference between Heparin & Lovenox!

Heparin vs Lovenox

We all know that when we come out of surgery our surgeons prescribe anti-coagulants to avoid complications. Here I've been on look on what to expect from such treatment. I've gather some intel from the ladies with prior plastic surgery experience aka VETS.

As per what I've read and seen Heparin is an important little injection that visits you every day for at least 6 day's. NOW! Here's the thing I've also heard of ladies that instead of taking Heparin they went ahead and took Lovenox. Allegedly some people have the believe that is the same Drug. And when I say people
I'm including myself because trust me I wanted my doctor to prescribe this to me to avoid having to pay so much in DR. -----------
Sooo!!! I've taken the time to do my research and here it is. I hope it helps in any way. I'm only a young woman trying to have a well round experience or be prepare in case of anything. Please keep me in your prayers because I truly need it.

Heparin and Lovenox® are two anticoagulant drugs commonly used to assist in preventing blood clots from forming, or to slow down how quickly they form. They are also often used to dissolve existing clots and restore normal blood flow. The essential difference between the two is that they have different molecular weights, which causes them to behave differently in use.

Heparin is a naturally occurring substance that is found in human liver and lung tissue. It assists in the continued smooth flow of blood through those organs. The heparin that is used for medical treatment is not derived from human tissue, but is instead made from either the intestines of pigs or from the lung tissue of cattle. In use, these forms of derived heparin are indistinguishable from human heparin. When injected, heparin works to dissolve or prevent clots for several hours.

Lovenox® is derived from heparin. The difference is that it has been altered in such a way that is has a lower molecular weight than heparin. This change in structure allows Lovenox® to last much longer than heparin, as much as 24 hours, making it much more effective in some situations.

Despite the fact that heparin and Lovenox® serve essentially the same purpose, they are used in different situations. Heparin is indicated any time a patient is at risk for forming a blood clot having to do with any use of intravenous (IV) drugs, dialysis or chemotherapy and it can be given long-term, over a period of months or even years. Lovenox®, on the other hand, is the drug of choice when there is concern about clotting problems related to surgery, and is not to be administered longer than 17 days. It is also used as a treatment for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolisms. If a patient is moving from injections to oral anticoagulants, Lovenox® is used as part of the transition.

When heparin and Lovenox® are administered, heparin can be given either intravenously or subcutaneously — under the skin. Lovenox® is only injected subcutaneously. Frequent monitoring of blood clotting ability is required when the patient is using heparin, but with Lovenox® the monitoring can be much less frequent. How often the patient is monitored depends on the patient’s condition and the dosage of either heparin or Lovenox® being administered. Whichever drug is chosen, both heparin and Lovenox® can be life saving when used properly.


You go girl!

2nd round of labs!

Full check up 8 days prior to surgery. Nervous but happy and looking forward to my results.

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Priorities and schedule

Hey I'm back again as usual with something new.
In order for us to be on the path to well recovery we need to do our best to get the best after surgery and this includes timing and purpose.

Various things go into something so important like this. We forget who we are when pain is in the way. How do we remain focus? A SCHEDULE/ToDo Calendar, has helped me a lot. Organization is a plus.
Make your schedule base on your PRIORITIES. In this case my priority is to know if my body is responding how it should. Starting with how much I'm draining?how swollen I am & my body temperature. Is only logical that water, draining and swelling go hand in hand. Here's a small example of the schedule I have pre-planned.
>Pray ????
>Water from the moment I open my eyes.
>My pills I'll start on them as soon as I have them on hand
>Clean my private parts before I leave CIPLA to start recover at RH. >Water a Gallon a day
>Walk, even baby steps the first 2 days when I'm awake
>Take my temp 4 times a day am/lunch/dinner/sleep
>Measurements daily
>Vitamins as directed by Dra. Duran either before or after food. She'll let me know. That includes my pain meds! Antibiotics and any other thing prescribed.
>Change dressings
>Check my incisions
>Massages as soon as Duran gives me the clear to do so
>Rest and Relax
>Read a book

Be with my new body and wait to come home as relax as I can. My aunt is a nurse with 20 + years in ICU gave me some advise. Pray to The Lord the most important and follow your Drs recommendation. I plan to do as I am told by Duran. I will not stress or give myself more than I can take. From now on is countdown... Blessings

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Eye spy

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@bootay!!!!!! 5 more

Making space in my phone for my trip


Six more days.omg. you are getting excited?!?!??! Im so excited for u :-)
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I'm feeling all sorts of way but I'm good stable and ready to go. :) time is ticking

My last wishes

I guess is that time. Taking time and space for myself. See ya next time!
Countdown for real


How tall are you?? And what are your measurements before surgery??
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Wow, great read! Im going in for sx with Duran July 22..Im crazy scared! I hope Im not the dumb girl crying that has to leave home bc I cant go through with it=/ Why cant we take anxiety meds before sx..anyone know?? Its totally expected and appropriate here in the US..
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Jeje! Don't say that! You'll be fine! The fact is you trully want to change your body. Focus on that. About the anxiety I have no clue! But I guess the lesser the chemicals in your body the better. You'll be fine like the rest of us ;) I'll follow your journey & thnx for passing by

Dr. follow up pre-op

Well today I went to see my primary care physician to evaluate my lab results. I must say that I'm healthy and ready, only thing is my hemo @ 12.6. He said not worry and that everything was working fine. He went ahead to give me clearance to take higher doses of iron and to eat chicken liver. I'm as ready as ever. My urinal hasn't arrived and I guess now I have to go on the hunt. That's all for now. I pray for all you girls getting ready for surgery to have peace of mind while you prepare for this journey. I'm not forgetting to say thank you to the Lord for giving me this opportunity and for providing since day 1. God is Good


I'll certainly try girl :-) good luck on your sx!! I'll be following you too!

Arnica Gel, Oinment & Pomade

Hello I'm back. Packing a going through a few things came across my 3 promising Arnica treatments. I'll be using them every time I get a massage and right after surgery.

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Famous Arnica***

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Liver Iron Day

@ la plaza! I love my country PR

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@ La Plaza Puerto Rico

Came here to buy fresh Cow Liver for 2 pounds I payed 4.67
My mother in law made it for me and it wasent bad ;)


Thank you for your indepth information in your review. Praying for your sx & speedy recovery. Following your journey. Blessings up!!
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I enjoy reading your review! Prayers going up for your sx & recovery. Side note-I bought both pairs of socks not knowing which ones to get! :0
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Your good! Better to have than not to ;)


Liver 3 times a day, packing the last few things, feeling nervous, excited and living this moments :)


Okay coming to PR to see u mama :-) Sis,its almost time.omg,I been trying to comment on ur page for two days but RS sometimes trips out on me,smh. Tomorrow is the big day!!!!
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14 hours

So very thankful for this platform. Thank you, to all the girls who came by every time I updated and dedicated a little of your time to this. I love you all and thank you for using this as a way to educate and help others like me. I appreciate and read the reviews. I was an insecure girl all of my teen and twenties till now. I say now, even when I am still in this extra skin, sagging boobs and not so perky butt because I see myself already as what I can be. I became a mother at a very young age and for the first time I'll feel like a complete woman without hold backs. I am ready to make the best of my life with this surgery. Again thank you all and I promise to update once is all done
Blessings & XOXO


Everything will be ok :-)
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Praying for you... I know you will turn out great!
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The hour


Sending much much love!! Muah.
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Thinking of you!! Sending you positive vibes :-)
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Post Op day 1 after surgey :-/

Hello, I wont take long. Post op is nothing like people describe is serious


Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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@fixinaflat thank u sweetie
I'm so sorry you are having a hard time with recovery. I had my BBL on the 2nd as well. I've just been alternating sides back and forth and waking up every 2 hours for a bathroom break/ambulate, then pain meds every 4 hours. So far the only big problem has been itching and constipation (Sorry if TMI). How are you resting? Are you getting up to walk frequently? It seems the longer I go without getting up the more stiff I am.
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2 days post op

This is so heard and no matter what others say.hemo for surgery 12.2 then My hemo went down to 5.3 post op day 1, needed transfusion. Today my hemo is at 8.2 after i asked them to take me to hospital. so now I need to take supplemts... Please pray for me.
My tummy is so swollen and even when I walk and drink water. My temp went up to 99 but today is down to 98. Ive been been keeping track. They put me on Ivy with iron and vitamins to get me stronger. Also ive been drinkin some iron wine and beet juice plus water. Forgive me if i have not kept up is just that i am soo into recovering. Xoxo


God bless you love i wish you a speedy recovery, i will keep you in prayer. You will get better. xo
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sending prayers your way!
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Sweety, listen, many girls do what you are doing right now..don't worry..ok??
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Post op day 3 early morning

4:36 am I am updating from my phone since that is the only thing I brought here. Wanted to post a video but couldn't because it asks for embedded code :(

I slept like a baby and to get up was a hassle to go pipi. I'm draining so much, they say thats good. So far I've had to spend over the budget. 200 in blood 8 dollars for my second hemo labs, plus 20 dollars for my IV treatment. Here you even have to buy the needles and everything.

Ensure is something I drink daily but I cant ever finish 1 completely.
Mayra said she went to supermarket and got me spinach so thank God for that.

I've been wearing my TED anti embolism socks since I haven't been in constant movement. My legs are not swollen at all.

Ended up having lipo inner thighs (very little)
Tummy Tuck
Lipo to all the areas specified in her price.
Asked for the arms but she suggested me not to. My arms aren't big so she recommended not touch them because those take time to heal and the skin to adhere to the muscle. Of course I WAS OK WITH IT 100%

Pain meds:
She prescribed OxaForte I didn't get them because I brought TRAMADOL/apap 37.5/325mg
It's been good to me so far. I take 2

Constant water and temperature monitoring so far I'm good. The only thing worrying me is my HEMO I WANT IT UP AT 12. Yesterday was 8.2 prior to my labs

My tummy was so swollen because my faja is open till monday. Monday I have a follow up.

I'm sorry I am writing so much, I just wanted to do this before more things started happening. Like me walking swelling gone my hemo better etc!

I love you all, thank u, thank you for your kind words. Girls you don't know how much they lift me up. Please don't forget me, keep me in mind and prayer and all your positive thoughts! I will receive them via spirit and soul.



Sending good vibes your way love. :))
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I absolutely love your posts! I've just begun my research and had to take out my notebook for your post. Thanks to u I have learned a lot! Please continue to share ur experience with us newbies lol... I pray for happy healing and recovery for you and would love to see before and after pics :)
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Post op 4 days

Hello hello. Feeling waaay better. Today I went #2 for the 1st time and I must say it was the worst of the entire thing. I couldn't go because I didn't take stool softeners! Yes :( didn't add that to my list. I knew I had to buy but for some reason I didn't. I turned into a bitch excuse my french because I couldn't go' :''( I was sooo desperate. Thank God for the recovery house ARMONIA because they made me Linaza juice and one of the nurses gave me a little pill don't remember the name. I was crying, cursing :( Lord it was BAD

SHE PRAYED over me, she started relaxing me. Then she walked out for a moment and when she came back I was in the toilette!!!
It was so bad but so great! I feel amazing. Then I went again jeje
It was like I was collecting poop for a month it was sooo bad. Soo much.
Then I learned that all this is from all the vit, iron, anesthesia, toxins that cant make it through the urine. I wasn't eating that much since the surgery so I thought there's nothing to worry about Jeje! All the girls here are amazing!

Lesson learn!
Bring stool softener, drink linaza or chia seeds like a RS sister suggested. ;)

See ya tomorrow


Glad ur feeling better. All sx causescconstipation,but im glad u were able to go :-)
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Hey doll, does Armonia have a website address besides Facebook? Trying to book my recovery house. My sx is August 13. I know you are relaxing and healing but when you get around to it please let me know. Thanks!
Omg..I just bought some on Amazon!! I'm so sorry=(
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Post op 5 days

I've had such a difficult day. After crying my heart out and yelling and kicking and feeling horrible, finally I'm focusing on whats important....God. God my best friend and who sometimes I forget but he never leaves me or forsakes me.

I lost my PASSPORT and I know most of you have your jaws dropped to the floor, everything will be fine... Im at peace....Lord knows what He does and I wont participate in NEGATIVITY or any of that sort. I am alive and well and thats what matters. Thank God there's a link for lost or stolen passport and I've done all the process. Including filling a police report, hunched over with a recent closed faja in a country where is hot and I can barely enjoy. Jeje

Today my faja was closed, one of my drains removed (back part) and tomorrow I'll start my massages.

The recovery house went without electricity all afternoon! So imagine jeje! They were able to resolve it.

Faja/Garment was closed and placed on the 1st clip with the extender. Pain= felt burning when back drain was removed.
Faja closed= like you were tight, tired and ready to lay down.

Finally I took the courage to take a pic. I don't love my results because I wanted something smoother, not too much but not to little. I find my hips big for my liking and my tummy to small. booty with nowhere to hide it.

I hope it all goes down to where I don't look voluptuous. I want to look feminine perky but not too much attention. Anywho.

I hope you all had a peaceful day


My passport was found in Durans office after her 2 sectetaries denied having it there. Yesterday morning Mayra walked in with it in her hand. :)
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OMG..thank goodness! How are you feeling today chica?

Post op 8 days

We can say I passed the first 7. Finished my antibiotics and had my last check up today with Duran. Drain removed and on to my 3 massage. So painful but neccesary.

Yesterday my faja extendor was totally remove by my masseuse so I've been tight but I guess feeling much better.

I have a big hard swollen part on the left side of my back. Today with Duran we discussed the size of my hips. I find them BIG so she allowed me to massage them and wear my secon stage faja really compressed in that area.

We talked about me going home and continue my post op care (massages)

Cipla 5th floor spa for 31


God is great! You found your passport! Amen girl!! Have a safe trip home!
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Post op 10 days

Hi girls, I'm finally back home and I must say that I'm so happy. I automatically feel better but of course I'm still healing. I'll keep u guys posted!


Hey babe I'm happy u r home, safe, and healthy. Ur review was very very informative an u def did ur homework. I know ur still in the early stages of healing an being with ur family. When u do feel better please update. Would love to really c ur results after swelling goes down, etc. God bless babe
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Glad ur home. Heal up sis
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Glad you made it home safely. Happy healings.
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Post op 11- What I really used!!!

Hey hey! Feeling better little by little. Yesterday went to walgreens, I'm still a little stiff and bending at my back.

Things I used the most!
-chuks - a lot
-pads - a lot
-alcohol - everyday, I filled a spray bottle so when anyone would need to touch me or change me or help me wash they would spray that in their hands then put on gloves.
-urinal- yes this life saver!!! and helper
-clorox wipes!!! Yes I cleaned my urinal with this after it was rinsed with water plus with my alcohol sprayer.
-robe or pijama cover up- I used this to leave my room when I was feeling better to cover up & because my arms were hurting it was good because I could put it on alone without help
-WIPES a lot!!! And if I could go back in time I would of bought antimicrobial wipes!

She prescribes Liquid iron so all the iron pills I took I did not use. I started on vit like 4 days post op because my urine was so thick and yellow I did not want to keep taking them.

I used a neck pillow for me it was a must.

A few pics! In my faja because I'm in this thing ALL day.


Wow! Looking good! I love your hips, I don't think they look out of proportion with the rest of your body. I remember you saying you thought they where to big. Can you please tell me what a chuk is and what type of pad are you referring to? Thanks
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Those are big disposable pads to be later on too of the bed. You leak a lot after surgery or at least I did and when they need to change you. You sit on top of your pad while they remove the pads that are placed around your back to catch that fluid.
Laid on top of the bed * sorry misspelled



Love your shape! Glad everything's going better for you!
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U looking good too girl
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Awww thank you I hope my back pain and swelling goes down

Pics post op 11


Looking good
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I luv ur body looking good girl. Happy Healing and speedy recovery.
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Post op 12

Hello, had my first massage back at home today. Went yo a spa. Very nice and very expensive. Difference between this one & the one in DR - I would say treatment quality.

I had FULL 30 minutes of ultrasound to my back because, plus more time in my tummy.

30 minutes full of lymphatic massage to both sides. I must say I felt AMAZING for the first time in this whole thing. Like it really worked.

I've been laying on my Butt!!! What to do?? U don't know please IDEAS I DIDNT ASK for much so this little I do not want to loose, please and thank you.

So far 38-33-45
I'm still so swollen so let's see if it goes down.

Be blessed see ya! Xoxo


New measurements 37-31-44.5
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thanks for sharing... what were your measurements pre sx?
Place pillows under your back and knees in attempt to elevate you off the bed.
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Post op 17 days Duran

Hey hey! I know I've been missing but Lord knows this is doing more than taking my time and energy. Of course I'm happy but I'm just exhausted of it all. I just want to go outside under the sun! Take a run and have a cocktail. I feel SO not me. :( I guess patience and patience and more of that is required.

Here some pics!


Your tt is healing nicely :) yaye. Good for you!
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Thank You ;)

Belly button Drama

So after wearing my faja day and night/night and day my belly button is creasing in the middle sort of like a straight line down. I know I have to wear my faja BUT this belly button thing is worrying me. Because is closing due to the tightness of the faja now my belly button is kind of moist. Please help asap. What to do???


Use a marble to shape the belly button. The belly button is staying moist because its isn't exposed to air (closed up)..unless it is red, oozy or smelly I don't think it is infection=/ Im in the DR right now but just left CIPLA or else I would have asked=(
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You've been more than kind and so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to always write ;)

Belly button UPDATE

Hey girls I'm back! After being worried about my bellynutton now I'm relaxed. Yesterday I took my difficult faja to put on off and went on a mission. I cleaned my belly button with a q-tips Slightly sprayed with alcohol & saline water. Belly button looking nice! Lol. Duran gave me TECASSOL and maybe I was over powdering myself. TECASSOL is something she prescribed for my tt and belly button a white powder that helps with swelling and scaring.

She gave me the authorization to take my 1st shower and I must say it was amazing but at the same time difficult because my back still hurts and I'm hunched over :( it felt nice afterwards but while it was hopping it was stressful. Hopefully I'm able to enjoy the showers sooner than later.

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


22 days Post op

Today was my ultrasound session and finally they started me on massages!! Yes! My inflammation has gone down a LOT so they gave me the clearance at the med spa!
It felt so good! My next app is Saturday and I just can't wait!!

They took some pics of me finally and I'm very very happy to see my results! I'm so happy as of NOW. I hope swelling keeps going down... So my lower tummy looks all flat :)


Great review, you look awesome! Right now I'm faja shopping, any advice? I was thinking about ordering one online. Where did you get yours from and how much was it?
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Hello! Thanx for passing by. So far I'm buying my garments online on Ebay. There's a seller "morboston" he's amazing and has GREAT prices. The same garment I would of gotten in DR for 150 I got it for 82 the brand FAJATE. I advice 100% to try to get any garment you need at home or online before you head to DR and or when you get back. Truth is in DR they are expensive. Hope I was of help. ;)
Great review, Its very helpful! And you look awesome!
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