Fraxel Repair or Restor for Asian Skin? Which Doctor in Sydney is Best?

Well.. I have suffered from acne scar since the...

I have suffered from acne scar since the third grade of highschool, and yes, it still bothers me today . I have tried many methods.. microneedling(so many times), palomar laser ~ basically anything that i can afford as a student on the market , hoping them to at least have some results, well, they did not work and i felt my skin became worse . apart from acne scaring, i have very large pores, probably i inherited from my mum.. but her pores doesnt seem to be as obvious as mine.

Anyway. both acne scaring and enlarged pores bothers me throughout my youth life, and it still concerns me today. I dont have confidence and every time when i look at the mirror i will feel even more uncofident. So i tried to not look at the mirror if i can.

Recently i found out this laser called Fraxel, and i did a lot of research on both. From my understanding, fraxel restore is much more gentle and with less downtime and side effects but however less effective each treament. repair gives more dramatic effect, but longer downtime and more side effects. i think my scaring is quite sever and maybe repair will be a more suitable option for me, however, i saw many negatives for repair as people complaint about pigmentation on skin and they found many small holes were visible after the treatment?

I would really !!! really!!! really appreciate someone who has done the fraxel for acne scaring if you can give me some true advise on this technology. would the results be good,? downtime? how many treatments would i need? will my skin became very sensitive after the laser treatment? if possible, please recommend a Doctor in sydney !!! thanks very much!!!!
Don't waste your money on Fraxel. I have similar issues like you and Fraxel didn't do anything for me. I have also wasted a lot of money in the past just trying to undue the damage from teenage acne. In fact, I still get acne here and there. Out of all the lasers and methods I have tried, I think Obagi or micro dermabrasion along with peels gave me the best results. Those are also the least costly. Good luck!
different type of scars treat with different method. http://***removed link to 3rd party site*******
Welcome, so glad you found us so we can help support you through this, sorry that you are struggling with your acne and the scars. I understand how hard it can be but keep your head held high as there is a way to fix this and you will find what works for you in time.  Please keep us posted ok :)
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