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I have decided long ago I was going get a breast...

I have decided long ago I was going get a breast reduction, and the time is almost here! I am 23 years old, my daughter is almost 2. I am 5'4, 150 pounds, and have 32/34 FF boobs. My surgery is getting covered by tricare thank god! the process of getting approved went very quick but the actual waiting for my surgery is hard. Im not sleeping well, worried about recovery with a toddler, extremely anxious, ive even had nightmares! How did you guys cope with the anxiety?!?! I will keep posted best i can.

Deep breath girlie.  The pre surgical nerves are all a part of this process.  Make sure you have help with your toddler for the first week or so.  You will not be able to lift for a while so just be prepared for that.

When I had my BR I honestly felt pretty darn good quickly.  Sure I was sore and bruised but it really was not so bad.  Just make sure to allow yourself some good healing time and all will be well.  Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and get some good rest each night.


Thank you! I am just eager and impatient. I am now considering a tummy tuck as well but I need to try to get it approved by insurance asap. Not sure how to go about it, so I will start with a phone call to my surgeon in the morning.

Baby steps and you will get there.

Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

He seemed nice, the appointment was very quick, but he has a few negative reviews online which makes me nervous. But this is who I was referred to so I couldn't chose my own provider. I am hoping it is just nerves.getting to me, he also had great reviews.

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