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Belotero Under the Eyes - University Place, WA

I think this quite possibly an excellent filler in...

I think this quite possibly an excellent filler in some aspects, but it did not work well at all for what I was looking for. I have very deep hollows under the eyes. The Belotero draws a great deal of water to it (one of the reasons I think it may work well elsewhere) and therefore created gigantic bags under my eyes.

My excellent doctor immediately had me come in and injected a steroid into the regions and all is just fine. Let me tell you though, if you've ever had steroid injections under the eyes, you have not experienced some serious discomfort. Fortunately, it's pretty quick and then it's over.

So I will be trying a small amount of Restylane next, as it's not supposed to draw as much water to it. If you're looking for a filler around the mouth, etc., I have the feeling this would work just fine.

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Hi Roluny, Who is your excellent doctor? How long did it take for the undereye bags to resolve??
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I had one steroid injection and I am afraid it may have made an indentation, hopefully not permenent. How long did it take for your bags to go down? Hoping this stuff wears off quickly as I am afraid of the hyaluronadase. Did you use that?
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& weeks and swelling bag under left eye, right was fine....MD used laser still not down.....It is painful! used Juvederm and dysport with great results.......Help!
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Wow, for the experience it sounds like you had you sure gave a nice, balanced review. Thanks for letting us know that you feel the filler might be good in other areas.

I'm assuming this wasn't your first experience with fillers, is that correct?

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