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I simply wanted an upper lip. I had a full vile if...

I simply wanted an upper lip. I had a full vile if juvederm injected in 2 appointments. It's been 2 1/2 weeks- I'm very lumpy on the underside of my upper lip. I can't see much if a change. The "block" worked great the first visit - no pain at all during procedure. The 2nd visit was a bust. The block shot numbed from under my eyes to my nose. My lip was NOT numb. The first injection of that visit was felt-- wowswers. I just don't think this is meant for me.

I simply wanted to have an upper lip.

Before any Juvederm in my upper lip

I simply wanted to have an upper lip

Picture from tonight. The upper lip is barely bigger hurt above my lip- where a mustache would be- it's very hard & swollen/big. Guess my entire vile went into my "mustache" area?
Dr. Mark Naylor

He's a dermatologist- expert injector.

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how experienced the doctor is will indicate how things will go. If they don't really know what they are doing it goes all wrong. I've had the same procedure by different doctors with totally different results. Good luck.
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Sorry you are unhappy with your results . I too had this problem with juvederm . loved it in the beginning then noticed assymetry developing in the right side of my lip which sags when I talk and smile. There is also filler above my lip on the right which somehow migrated upwards. I am several months out now and am still dealing with this unhappy result waiting for it to go away. Blahhhh ! I'm nervous to get the enzyme to take it down BC it may be assymetrical again after . then I would have to purchase more juvederm and reinject which is sooo scary. Until then I'm just trying to own it and use lipatick to disguise the right side. Its almost like the lip line on the right is artificial BC it's not my lip color but is puffy like it should be my lip. If that makes sense ? I hope your symptoms calm for you. But you really don't look bad :)
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I think I can see a difference between your most recent pic and your before pic, but the angles are different so it is hard to really tell.  It is subtle.  I'm not sure I would notice the unevenness had you not pointed it out- at least not in person (versus a zoomed pic). 

Did you ask your doctor about the lumpiness and if it will go away?

I'm sorry you are having lackluster results, that is disappointing (especially for the money spent).  Let us know if you start to like them better or if you don't think it was worth it.
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Jill~ I called and spoke to his nurse about 3 days after first injection. She assured me te lumps would go away. When I was at visit for 2nd injection (rest of vile) The doctor thought the 2nd injection works smooth things out. I am very happy for the ones that ave had great results. :) IF (huge if) I get this done again I will try another dr/injector. My results are so very subtle in my upper lip yet all the "skin" above my upper lip (under nose) is very thick now. I so wanted a lip....now I look like The Joker from the old old Batman shows.
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Awww you don't look like the Joker at all.
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Well~ as long as this is temporary- it's ok. :) I have a pic in which I do look like The Joker- my mouth at least. I just have no clue where the entire vile of juvederm went.....I have an appt to see the derm that injected this. I was going to cancel but I think I 'll go. I want him to see his handy work. It just doesn't make sense to me. I have a skittle sized soft squishy bump on the back of each half of my upper lip. I just don't get it.
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Yeah I'm not sure where 1 entire vial went either, I would assume you had 1/2 a vial based on your results.  I'd go to the appointment just to see what he says if it where me but I'd trust your gut about getting more injected or not should they recommend that.

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Yes, I trust myself something went wonky. I saw the vile when the package was opened. I saw it when completed first visit & again on second visit saw the remainder. I'm so very thrilled for those that have had great success. I'm very happy for them- jealous as well. :)
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