Tattoo Removal of Four Tattoos - Kutztown, PA

I am in less than two months starting my first...

I am in less than two months starting my first treatment on my stomach/chest. I have 4 tattoos all large but the one on my arm is the biggest most detailed. I am hoping for complete removal on all my tattoos and its just a nerve wrecking situation that I have to deal with. I understand I have to patient threw out this whole process but the pain is gonna be ridiciolous on my stomach because ive already had a test patch. Im getting to treatment 6 and then I will taking a very long trip to whom I prefer to do my tattoo removal. Good things about my tattoo removal process- All black ink, two are done amatuerly and most of it shading. Bad news- Large tattoos, Painful spots, nervous that imma look stupid after I spend alot of money to take them off! This website site has connected me to many cool ppl that are in the same situations with me so i decided to share also.Another thing I see is people with little tattoos removed on the internet but nothing really big like mine so that gives me worry but i think imma just go with the treatment and put it in gods hand.
Yeah but I want complete removal lol I don't want to do this an be stuck with ink that cant come out then I would feel like it was a waste of my time and money so hopefully I'll get succesfull results and only doing my other two tattoos if these come off well.
Nothing is guaranteed with laser tattoo removal (please don't shoot the messenger though).  The uncertainity is because we are all different, different immune systems and the ink is questionable.  If the ink was regulated then the removal technicians would know exactly what they are dealing with.  I have one that the technician won't touch because he suspects it'll get darker instead of lighter and it's all because of the ink.  But there is hope with the new technology and techniques, so there is hope.  Good luck!  aloha...k
Yeah I know that's why it's a nervous process but I think my chest and stomach are gonna come out good because there amatuerly done and light and lots of shading! Now my back and arm piece I might not even touch bc there mostly lines and proffesionaly done

First session

First session wasn't too bad but my scabs are pink underneath I'm worried it won't go back to color or hypo pigmentation

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