Lowe Eyelid Surgery...to Do or Not to Do...

I am looking into having lower eye lid surgery - I...

I am looking into having lower eye lid surgery - I don't have $5,000 dollars to spend but I do want to go with someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to this surgery - it is my face and I can't go back once I have done this. Can fellow RS members who have had this surgery point me in the right direction? I am in the NY area - thank you very much for your help!
make sure it is someone with a lot of experience. you do not want to go to someone who experiments on you. or has no sense of aesthetics as opposed to just medical knowledge . and many many reviews already. also,make sure what this persons policies are on aftercare and revisions if needed.just because a doctor has been to medical school and has all of the measurements and procedures down pat bookwise,it doesn't necessarily mean they know how to preserve your beauty. I learned this the hard way..... research well....
I've would have never imagined such pain could exist in this world on a daily basis - biggest mistake of my life. I go for the expensive lipiflow treatment tomorrow - all these problems brought on by a sloppy blepharoplasty at Strax Rejuvenation in 2010. My eyes have been measurably malpositioned since, and this has caused me unbearable pain and depression and fear of going blind. Not worth it ever.
Even if you go to someone with extensive experience, the surgery itself (the removal of the orbital fat pads) over time, is aging and will leave you with hollowed out, sunken eyes in their orbits. Most of the satisfied reviews on this site are from people who have had surgery fairly recent...look at a person who has had the surgery five-ten years ago...hollowed out eyes. Fat is what makes our faces look youthful, by removing the orbital fat, it instantly changes the contour of your eyes. My eyes were almond shaped & beautiful (people complimented me all the time) now they are rounded and hollow and sinking in their orbits. You can go to the best of the best of plastic surgeons but if the surgery itself is flawed & not aesthetically pleasing, you will never have a beautiful outcome.

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