Burn Scar After VI Chemical Peel

I had VI Chemical Peel, after 16 days my face is...

I had VI Chemical Peel, after 16 days my face is look burn, I went to the doctor who perform the peel he checked and told me some part of my skin is burn. He gave bleaching cream 4% hydoclorine to apply.

I did the peel for my skin to look younger and smooth. I am not satisfied with the result, my face has new scar from the Chemical burn and the old scar gets even darker...

I am on day two using the cream, my skin is itchy and look red, is this normal? will this cream take care of the scar? is there anything else that is more suitable is my situation? Thank you


There is no way your physician used the ViPeel on your face. It is simply not the case. I have reviewed over 18 peels and the ViPeel has less than 14% active TCA, phenol, salicylic acid, tretinoic acid and vitamin C. What did your patient take home kit have in it?
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The take home kit Dr gave me VI Derm moisturiser, VI Derm Sun Cream and sachet of wipe to use for the first 2 days. Whatever he did now after few month of waiting I only got full refund of £300 from him. I seek compensation but he refuse saying he does not accept liability I am dissappointed.
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