Pockets of Fat on Love Handles and Inner Thighs - Definitley Not Worth the 1000's!

Vaser lipo is An absolute waste of time, i am of...

Vaser lipo is An absolute waste of time, i am of normal weight but had pockets of fat on the love handle area and inner thighs. I paid 3100 in sterling for the two areas, went for the surgery, was extremely painful and was uncomfortable for the next week or so.

My surgery, before the operation were phoning me alot asking if i was ok and do i have any questions and after NOTHING. I had one phonecall offering for me to come and see the nurse.

It took 4 weeks for the swelling to go down and even now nearly 6 weeks later i think its still swollen, sometimes it is painful, like a deep bruise of something. Ive kind of gone numb in my sides and feel burning sensations sometimes, hopefully this is just the tissue inside healing. Scarring is minimul but the bruising was horrendous on the inner thigh, very painful!

Overall a total waste of money, i measure the same as i did before and for 4 weeks of been 2 inches bigger cos of the swelling, thankfully it went down but it wasnt nice for those weeks! You can do this dieting, as the result is so little.

I would advise to go for the traditional lipo, i was still unable to do much 2-3 weeks later so the downtime with the two seem to be the same regardless of what they say!!!


Lots of phoning before and after NOTHING. Bigged it up and the results were minimul.

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my mother just had vaser liposuction on lower and upper stomach area, results very much like yours, pain levels very much higher than expected, now, exactly 4 weeks later, still very swollen, in great discomfort, in fact, she said it is like a bad toothache which nothing will take away, & if the result does not improve significantly from now then it will be a waste of money - hope things get better.
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Every post from the UK is bad.
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In all fairness I have just had vaser on my flanks and hips precisely one week ago, and I am very impressed with the difference it has made. I can not believe how great it looks, I look completely different and exactly as I had hoped. I had my surgery completed in London by a very well known surgeon, I think that you need to do your research as experience is everything with this procedure. The results will depend on the doctor you have chosen. The downtime is longer than expected because the British Media have published ridiculous and inaccurate articles that are misleading such as 'lunch time lipo' etc etc. It is not lunchtime lipo, it is not lipo at all, and you certainly can not go back to work straight afterwards or anytime soon. I do not feel these articles have helped in the way of expectation for recovery. I maintain the UK is an excellent place to have any treatments but chose your surgeon carefully as you would anywhere in the world. I feel for the people that have posted their experience here, it is alot to go through if the results are not as good as they had hoped. Would you consider having the procedure done again to resolve it? Most surgeons will offer that. Also I am not sure I measure any differently as I have not checked just yet, but it is more a change in shape. Either way I hope you are at least fully recovered from the experience now.
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I live in uk and looking for a experienced surgeon for vaserlipo.Your dr sounds good,could you tell me who did yours?
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