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As a child & teens I had many surgeries on my...

As a child & teens I had many surgeries on my eyetooth & surrounding bone which continues with invasive treatment today. I feel like the shape of my face and mouth have changed over time and I missed the lips I used to have. I made an appointment with a local dentist and after the consult he recommended Restylane in my top lip only. Initially I turned down the offer of a numbing injection until he started injecting the Restylane - which burned like hell, so I had the numbing half way through the procedure. It didn't really kick in until after I left the office so I still felt the Restylane and then had a numb mouth & nose for the rest of the day. The results were instant and there was never too much swelling afterwards. I didn't use ice but I did take paracetemol (acemetophen) in the evening because it was quite sore. I paid for one syringe which he only used about half of and in a couple of weeks I can go back for a touch up if desired. I am quite pleased with the results so far (I'm only on the day after) because it's pretty subtle. My husband asked if I had been crying and that's all he said, but he doesn't notice much. My 2 year old said this morning that 'mummy has ow on mouth' and I asked where and she pointed right to the injection sites, lol. There were 4 pricks and on the first one it is quite hard but I'm sure I flinched and that's when he did the numbing shot. I'm dying to put makeup on see how lipstick looks but I think I'll wait a day just in case.

Day 3 and no more swelling, just the 4 small prick marks at the cusp of my top lip. I'm wearing full make-up today with liner & gloss and basically look like I did a few years ago. No one has noticed a thing because it's so natural looking, but I can tell a difference and when I smile my lip comes further down my teeth so it doesn't show the bit of exposed gum I have over my eye tooth. I feel like I was stung by a bee and it feels a little weird but the filler is only around the cusp of my top lip, which was once fuller anyway so it doesn't really touch the cup when I drink. It does feel a little foreign when I touch it but not majorly hard or lumpy.

I'm about to turn 30 so I feel it is important to preserve my looks now and I think the dentist understood that so he didn't dose me up with a trout pout. lol. Although I now understand how it can be so addictive, and maybe in a few weeks I might want to be a little plumper. Who knows? ( :

Bummer that the numbing agent didn't set in until you were gone!! Oh well, I guess at least you know for next time.

Funny about your families reaction. Husband 0 / Toddler 1  ;)

Do your lips feel weird at all? Does it feel different to drink from a cup or anything?

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I understand I went to a dentist and not an aesthetics expert. I explained what I'd like to achieve otherwise I could have looked like the previous woman injected. i really like the fact I paid forthe syringe so I can go back and use it till it's finished.

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