Juvederm Spoiled my Nose - United Kingdom

It was painful and uncomfortable, and made my nose...

it was painful and uncomfortable, and made my nose misshaped.i was told that my tip was big becouse the filler made the cartilage move, and that it was not the filler that spread over my tip. iam gutted and dont know if it will ever look the same again.

i had juvederm in my nose to correct 2 dents after rhinoplasty, i didnt have it on my nose tip only at the side, but now my nose has gone larger at the front and more crooked. my doctor said their is no way the filler could have moved and that he only put a tiny bit in. he did say that it could have shifted the cartilage over the tip area, and that it will go back to normal after the filler dissolves, iam worried though that it wont and that my nose will be spoiled. how could cartilage go back to normal again after it moved. please do advice me.

Did ur nose ever go back ? SAME thing happened to me dr gave me the same crappy answer about shifting cartalidge. I am worried he ruined my nose forever . Will it ever go away ?
Did it ever get fixed? Cartilage is like a memory foam and will find its place sooner than later :)
Did your nose return to normal after the filler wore off?
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