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I am 38 with sun damaged skin. I had my first...

I am 38 with sun damaged skin. I had my first treatment 9 weeks ago. I wanted to get rid of mild acne scars, reduce pore size, even out tone if skin, reduce eyebags and under eye wrinkles (list not exhaustive haha). I used topical anaesthetic over an hour before the procedure.

First five minutes was ok but then the cream started to wear off and the pain was immense!!! After I was shaking like mad until I got home about an hour and half later. Strangely the pain subsided really quickly and I felt ok. Next day I was really swollen, pin point bleeding and oozing, this carried on until day 3. I was swollen for 6 days and red for about 14 days. I suffered terrible acne breakout especially on my chin, but the worst was the itching! Sleep deprivation was rife!

2nd treatment 5 days ago. (Scale 1-10 on aggression if treatment is 5) Recovery reduced no acne so far less itching, swelling only a day!  Live and learn

1 - only use Vaseline for the first 48 hours (causes acne breakouts) after that use e45 for 2 days then your regular

2 - take antivirals, antibiotics, strongest antihistamines you can get your hands on! (preferably the drowsy ones)

3- keep you skin clean!!! Use vinegar washes, apply creams with germ free hands, sleep on clean towels upright if possible. Keep hair off face.

4 - use anaesthetic cream exactly 45 mins before no longer no less!!! Very important and pat it on in a very thick layer!

5 - get a diamond dermabrasion treatment done exactly 2 weeks before procedure( this will help get rid of any underlying bacteria and clogged dead skin, this in return will prevent acne eruptions)

Finally be patient, I can still see some scarring but I am aware that I need thee treatments increasing in aggressiveness to tackle them. I have started to see that my skin is already getting plumper (not swelling) acne scars and wrinkles are slightly reduced but I know the best is yet to come! No pain, no downtime, no gain, don't believe the hype and have realistic expectations ;-)


Hi Joanne,

Welcome to the SmartXide community! This is a great list for community members to look into when considering this procedure. How's everything feeling today? We would love to see pictures once you are fully healed. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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