Should my Nose Be This Swollen 7 Weeks Post Op?

I had rhino because I had been very self conscious...

I had rhino because I had been very self conscious about the shape of my nose my whole life, the tip was bulbous and almost looked like a little 'bum' from some angles.

Hi, I had rhinoplasty about 7 weeks ago and I'm quite worried as the left side of my nose looks a lot different to the right! I'm happy..ish with the right side but the left side has a strange ridge at the tip which is pulling my nostril up and making the tip on the left side of my nose sit a lot higher than it is on the right. The tip of my nose was slightly asymmetrical before I had the surgery but it's a lot worse now and I'm worried my nostril will stay the way it is because it's making the left side of my face look very 'pig' like. The tip of my nose is very hard so could this still be swelling at 7 weeks? As I thought a majority of the swelling should have gone by now. I also have a hump that has been present since my cast came off, it starts in the middle of my nose and goes all the way to the tip. Could this be polly beak? And if so is there anything I can do to prevent me needing surgery again? Sorry about the long winded question but I'm just really worried as I'm moving to Australia next week and the surgeon who did my rhino can't fit me in before I leave :( So any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this, A very worried and sad Emily


I have the same problem, I have four weeks now and the tip is still assymetrical. It is still slightly slanted to the left as it used to be before the surgery. My profile view looks just perfect but from a front view my nose still looks slanted:(. I will see my doctor in a week and get in touch with you concerning this problem.
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I'm at 8 weeks and the tip is assymetrical :( it also slants when I smile. sigh. What did your doctor say?
I cant beleive your doctor won't make time to see you. Does he know your moving??? Your issue sounds serious and I would probably consult with a new Doctor ASAP and get a second opinion.
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