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Glycolic Acid - United Kingdom

I am Indian women,i applied GA on my face (30%)and...

I am Indian women,i applied GA on my face (30%)and my skin just started glowing. i did the same on my underrms, I have dark UA since i became mum.I have tried many things and i can say they faded lot but not to my natural skin colour though.First application was left over night and i felt soreness next day in my UAbut then i could see fading in UA.so after a week i did second appliction,this time no tingling sensation nothing was experienced. Next day was not sore but my skin peeled. My skin looks darker thn it was after a week of second application. I can see the shine n feel smothness but looks daker than normally it is.

I want to know if this will settle down n my skin my look better than it was? atleast i hope so. i have decided not to leave overnight now as i had enough of peel.I just want it to fade that discolouration.I am not panic about the darkening now as i am sure it will work right after few days but still queries to know

For information- my face skin never had any prolem. I just experimented GA on it (left for only 10min on skin).I am happy with my facil skin ,just this UA bothers me a lot.Also i have fair to medium skin colour.

Any advise is appecited.


Two questions, I am thinking about starting to use a chemical peel on my back. I was wondering if you had any suggestions because I am Indian too and have scarring on my back from acne. I am trying to figure what sort of peel to use (glycolic/alpha hydroxy/lactic/salicylic)and what percentage. I would love to hear your opinion or any feedback from your experience. Thanks, Ria
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You are right.I have hyperpigmentation. I had applied Melalite but didnt work or may be i wanted quick fix.
Its been few weeks now after my second GA application and i can already see change in my UA skin colour. They are much light than before but not to my skin colou yet. It looks like darker shade on skin than darker skin. I hope this description makes sense. But i am happy with it.I will use GA again this week but will leave for about 10 min.
I think 5-6 GA application will solve my problem. I will keep posting my update.

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Hi Sonal, 

I'm not sure I understand your review. It sounds like you are experiencing Hyperpigmentation, possibly from leaving it on over night which sounds like longer then most community members usually do. We'd love to know more about what is going on. 



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Is worth with proper use. Need to wait to see actual result.

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