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I had a large horizontal scar across the middle of...

I had a large horizontal scar across the middle of my stomach due to surgery as a child which had also caused a hernia. This meant that I couldn't wear anything fitted ever and bikinis were out of the question! On top of ththis I have also had three children so my stomach was looking pretty dreadful. I saw someone having scar revision on 'Embarassing Bodies' and this encouraged me to go and see my GP. He referred me to a surgeon who said in would repair the hernia, remove the scar and replace it with a neat flat scar much lower down. This also entailed a tummy tuck! I had the surgery on Monday afternoon and came home today (Wednesday). Feeling pretty good and of course I wish I had done it years ago! There is definitely some pain involved but not as much as I was lead to believe on some websites and forums that I had looked at. So I feel well on the way to a full recovery and have already bought a bikini!

I'm so excited for you & glad you're feeling so well so soon after your procedure. I also have to have a hernia repair & that part has me a bit nervous. I haven't really researched hernia repair as much as I have tummy tucks. I hope you post pics & have a speedy recovery!
I didn't look into hernia repair - it seemed such a minor part of the op! It did mean that my medical insurance paid part of the costs (not much but it all counts!). Slept well last night (first night home) and am enjoying being looked after although my poor husband looks exhausted!!! Doesn't seem real when I take my corset off to look at my tummy, the huge ugly scar I had nearly all my life is gone but I think it will take a while to get used to.
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