Scared and Down After Rhinoplasty - United Kingdom, GB

I went for rhinoplasty in July and I am approx 6...

I went for rhinoplasty in July and I am approx 6 weeks post op.

I hate my results. I feel like I have a snout. My surgeon tells me that my nose will be small and straight but I cant see that with the way my septum and tip are swelled :( my nostrils are now on show.

I cant upload a pic, too hard :(


I'm glad you started your story here on RealSelf, but am sad you're not ecstatic with your results. What does your surgeon say about it? 

Here's what some docs say about the nasal tip dropping in time after rhinoplasty. I hope you find it helpful.

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Thanks Angiemcc. My surgeon says my tip will drop but he didn't say much about my nostrils being on show. Hopefully the tip drop will help.
Hopefully, after swelling goes down you will like your new nose. Please update us.
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