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Like many on this site I have hated my nose for...

Like many on this site I have hated my nose for what feels like forever! Its witch like.. long and bumpy!

So I've been back and forth to consultations over the past few months and have finally set a date for surgery!! Now all I have to do is wait.... which is going to be agony!! I hope it goes quickly! :)

Official hospital stuff!

So today I received all of my hospital paperwork confirming the date etc! Apparently I'm even getting excited about filling in forms these days!!

7:00am admission!! Eek! Takes me around an hour from my home to get to the hospital so that will be an early start! My friend is chauffeuring me that day so I hope there's a comfy waiting room so she can nap! Haha

I have a little questionnaire asking few questions about me so the nursing staff know what I like and how to make my stay as comfortable as possible. Almost sounds as though I'm checking in for a spa break!! :)

Anyway here are a couple more pictures just to show some more nose angles. I know how hard it is to find someone with the same nose shape so I hope this helps someone out there pondering rhinoplasty!!


Today I've been searching some celebrity noses... I know I shouldn't really because its not realistic blah blahh.. BUT I'm obsessed and can't help it! :) I feel like I need some pictures of the shapes I like to take to my pre op to make absolutely sure that the surgeon and I are on the same page!

I've realised that I tend to pick similar nose shapes.. maybe a bit more squared and not so rounded! Noses I like best (today at least!) are Kate Beckinsale and Sienna Miller's!

I also can't help but search Blake Lively pictures because the difference in her before and after is incredible!! It gives me hope for my own nose results!

Negative feedback...

Even though my surgery is booked, I’m finding it hard to stop looking for more information on my surgeon. I had struggled to find many reviews on either of the surgeons that I was looking into originally but had managed to find a couple of positive ones on my chosen surgeon and that’s basically it, so I went with my gut instinct in the end.

Yesterday I put a request onto a UK forum for any feedback and experiences with him. I just needed some more info to reassure me. This turned out to be a big mistake because I received a response saying that he had ruined this lady’s nose and she was completely unhappy with his treatment of her post op!

I realise that you’re bound to get good and bad reviews on every surgeon.. if a surgeon told me they had a 0% revision rate I would discount them straight away because I’m fairly sure that couldn’t be true!! Now I’m worrying whether I’m doing the right thing and if I have chosen the right surgeon. This is my face after all, I don’t want to end up with something worse than the nose that I have already!

The only thing that’s comforting me at the moment is that at the start of her response she said was recommended by 2 of her colleagues who had both had rhinoplasty with him. Call me stupid, but I’m assuming that they must have had good results otherwise she wouldn’t have progressed their recommendations!? This was also over 2 years ago and he will have performed many more rhinoplasty procedures since then.. practice makes perfect right??

I’m trying to keep calm and think rationally, I just wish that my pre op appointment was sooner so that I could remind myself why I chose him in the first place!!

3 weeks pre-op..

I have a little over 3 weeks left until my rhinoplasty operation now so just thought I'd update.
I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves at the moment.

I'm having a bit of a down day today as I have some horrid rash all over my face which started by my mouth and has suddenly spread to almost everywhere on my face, including around my nostrils. I thought perhaps this was an allergy to some make-up or something but apparently this is due to a 'severe vitamin deficieny' and so I have to have some injections in the coming weeks, and perhaps longer term.

I've contacted the doctors again this morning to ask for some kind of antibiotic type cream to get rid of this in the meantime. It's not the prettiest to look at and wearing make up just seems to make it look worse somehow. My main concern though is whether it could potentially interfere with my operation what with the rash spreading to my nostrils. I'm hoping not and have mentioned this to my doctor (not surgeon) but they are very vague and just keep telling me that things should improve after my injections.

My pre op appointment is on 21st May so I'm hoping for an improvement by then otherwise I'll have to mentioned to my surgeon. I'm so worried that this stupid little rash will result in me having to delay my operation.

Almost there..

So I have just 4 days to go now until the big day. I thought that the wait would go so slowly but it's actually flown. I was on holiday last week so it's really just hit me now that I'm back.

I'm nervous, but I know that if I don't do this now that I'll regret it for the rest of my life. It will be such a good day when I can look in the mirror and see my whole face and not just my nose!!

I had my pre op appointment just before holidays which went really well. It definitely reassured me about my surgeon as it had been a few weeks since my last appointment. He even let me take some pictures of the expected outcome which I've attached.. although he did say that there is only so much that computer imaging can do so it should look better than this in reality. The pictures are taken on my phone if his screen so excuse the glare!!

I guess I'll update next when I've had the operation.. eek!!! :)

Night before surgery..

So my bag is packed and I'm all ready for my 5 am wake up call!!

I started the day feeling really sick and nervous and thought I'd be a complete wreck tonight but now that I'm all organised I actually feel surprisingly calm! I just hope that I feel the same tomorrow morning! Surgery is at around 8am so I hope I won't have time to even get nervous!

I guess I'll be post op when i next update.
Wish me luck!! :)

Finally post op!

Well its all over and I'm officially post op!! Yay!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty anxious but once I was in my room at the hospital I felt much more relaxed. There was so much going on that I didn't really have time to worry.

The nurse came to see me first and asked a few general questions about me and allergies etc, quickly followed by the catering lady who was lovely and asked me to choose what I might feel like post op but to keep it light.

The anaesthetist was lovely and basically just asked me about allergies again and said that everything would be fine. My surgeon came shortly after, I signed my consent form, went over any concerns and then it was all systems go!

I went down to the anaesthetists room, lay on a bed, talked about Manchester and shopping and before I knew it I was waking up in recovery. I must say, anaesthetic was one of my biggest worries being my first operation but it was absolutely fine!

So now I'm in my room eating toast and the nurses have even let me change into my own pyjamas. I'm sure it'll be a long day as I don't feel the slightest bit tired. I have no pain as such, just a dull ache at the tip of my nose. I feel stuffy but there's a little bit of airflow at the minute. My drip pad is being changed every hour or so. I gave no idea if I have anything up my nose or not!?!!

Just waiting for my surgeon to visit me now. I want some reassurance that it all went well!

I'll update again later or tomorrow. :)

More surgery day pics

Day 1 Post op

I can't sleep so thought I'd update!

I've had a rubbish nights sleep in the hospital, I've managed around an hour maximum. I'm tired but just very restless and can't seem to settle.

Today I feel drained and swollen! My face feels huge! My surgeon visited me yesterday and said that all went well but I have stretchy skin which means that I'll probably be more swollen than most.. great!!

I think I.have a bust morning with anaesthetist, surgeon and nurse checks before I'm allowed home. Fingers crossed all is well.

Here are a few pictures from this morning.

Day 2 Post Op

So I got home yesterday at around 11am and I've been in bed since then. Not because I feel ill but because my surgeon advised that I do as little as possible for the first few days. I actually feel ok, I get a little dizzy if I move too quickly and I felt a little queasy last night but other than that I'm fine!

My bruising and swelling are much the same as yesterday. I've been icing when I can remember and taking arnica tablets. I've taken my drip pad off for a little while as it was making my face feel really hot!

Luckily my mum is home with me all week so she's looking after me really well.

Day 3 Post Op

Today I feel like I have a little more energy than yesterday. I've started my little facial routine and tried to tidy myself up a bit, which took me about an hour because I'm moving so slowly, but has definitely made me feel a little better. I've used a face wipe, applied some witch hazel to bruises followed by arnica cream.

I don't feel sick at all so far today, just a little fuzzy headed sometimes and I have a bit of a persistent headache. If I move to quickly my balance isn't great so I'm moving around at snail pace.

I'm hungry today for the first time. So far I've been forcing myself to eat because I know I should but today I've eaten a sandwich because I fancied it! I can taste as normal and smell is ok but not as good as usual yet.

My nose feels so hard, I know it's gross but it's full of dried blood and I have a little bit of a runny nose every now and then. I was told not to insert anything into my nose so I haven't attempted any internal cleaning.

I get tired very quickly and last night was the best sleep I've had. The only thing that wakes me us my dry mouth. I can breathe a little through both nostrils still but an trying not to just in case I get stuffy at some point.

my neck is getting a little stiff too, I think this may have something to do with my travel pillow. In one way it's a god send as it keeps my head in the right place but they're definitely not made for long term use. It also makes me feel hot! I'll stick with it though..

Bruising is easing off and turning yellow. Still a bit purple in the corners of my eyes though. Swelling has been pretty bad but my surgeon did warn me about this straight after the op as I have 'stretchy skin'!! It's moved down a bit today though and is now around my cheeks more than my eyes.

Day 4 and 5 Post Op

Can't believe I'm here at day 5 already, it's actually gone pretty quickly.

I've read on here a few times that day 4 seems to be the turning point and I can definitely agree with that. Up until yesterday I had spent the majority of my recovery sat in bed. Yesterday I stayed out of my room all day and even took a little trip out to the shop (although I waited in the car!). I have my appetite back and I can smell and breathe pretty normally. The only issue that I have now is dizziness when I move quickly.

Today is day 5 and I feel a little bit better again. I've been out in the car again. I haven't napped at all today, every other day I've been so tired that I've given in and had a power nap!!

I've attached some more pictures from today showing that bruising is turning yellow and swelling is moving down my face. Excuse my unwashed hair!! Nose still feels massive and I'm convinced I'm still going to have a bit of a bump on my right profile.

I'm trying not to worry too much about cast removal yet but it's getting closer! I'll feel like I'm losing my comfort blanket when the cast comes off and then I'll have to live with whatever the result, good or bad!

Cast Removal

After a bit of a wait as my appointment was a late one my cast is finally off!

I'm happy with the profile, I'm not in love with my front view yet but it is VERY swollen. Apparently swelling is going to get worse before it gets better so I'm prepared for that. I think once the swelling subsides I'm going to be happy with the front too though.. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!!

Removing the cast didn't hurt at all and was very quick. My nose is in need of a good scrub though as my skin is horrid!

10 Days Post Op

Just a quick update as I don't see any real difference from cast removal yet.

The past couple of days I've started to feel more like myself. The dizziness is starting to get less and less which is great. My breathing is pretty much back to normal as it was before surgery although I do have the odd stuffy moment after a shower or first thing in the morning.

Swelling is sticking around and doesn't seem to have gone down at all since cast removal so I think it's going to be a slow process. When I went out in public for the first time I felt like people were staring and somehow knew that I'd had a nose job!! lol but the more I get out and about the less it bothers me. My stitches in my columella are very visible though!

Today is the first day that I could be bothered trying to put some make up on and that's mainly down to the fact that my skin is horrible at the moment. I have spots on my nose which I was expecting but I've also broken out in spots around my chin and cheeks too.. attractive!!

I've attached a couple of pictures and will update again in a few days. Trying to leave a gap between pictures to see if I can notice a difference..

16 Days Post Op

I'm now just over 2 weeks post op and still loving my new nose. My profile gets better every day and my front is still swollen but improving slowly.

My columella and stitches are still quite red but I'm avoiding putting any makeup on them. I'm hoping it's normal to have a bit of redness though!?

Anyway, here are some updated pics.. :)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

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Hi, do you know what his price range is? Like whats minimum, average and maximum price? Seen a girl who paid 4000 with him few months ago! With a big dorsal humo removed, tip refinded and lifted?
  • Reply
Your nose looks beautiful even with the swelling. It will get better soon. Thanks for the update.
  • Reply
S5ill cant make my mind up whether or not to pick james murphy,
  • Reply
It's such a hard decision. You've just got to go with your gut instincts in the end because I found that all of the info given in consultations was much the same.. take your time though, be 100% sure!
  • Reply
I know , im between 2, james murphy or allen rezai, allen rezai theres not much about him online, and the few that is onoine are all goodnbut years ago, but I love all his work on his website, where as james murphy he has recent reviews like yourself, but I found a good few bad refiews on him, but inlike some of his work ive seen, im sooo confused
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Hi there, i had a revision done at the end of march. My tip is still numb, hard and sore, is yours??
  • Reply
My nose is definitely still really stiff although I'm not as ware of it recently. It's not really sore unless i touch either side of the bridge near my eyes.. or bump it which i stupidly did when i was gawping through a windows yesterday!! lol
  • Reply
Thanks so much for this, how are you doing now? I would love to see updated photos, I'm having mine on 7th August and am panicking!!
  • Reply
You will be fine I'm sure! I cannot stress enough how quick the whole thing went, I was never in any pain just a little discomfort from pressure but definitely bearable. But I know it's easy for me to say! :) I haven't added any more pics as it still looks pretty much the same to me.. but I will do some more at the 6 week mark.
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It's not the op I'm worried about, it's what people will say...have a birthday party exactly 1 week after and I know I'm going to have to get out of it somehow! You look great by the way :)
  • Reply
You look beautiful. Profile is perfect. And the front is very cute even with lots if swelling. Congrats :)
  • Reply
Thank you. Hope your recovery is going well! :)
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Hey kh88, im considering looking into murphy but im finding alot of good and bad reviews, would you recommend him? Thanks matt
  • Reply
Hi matt. Yes I would, mines far from the final result but I'm happy so far. It's a tough decision but I went with my gut instinct in the end. I got really caught up with the reviews, in the end you've just got to think that no surgeon will have a perfect satisfaction rate. :)
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Yeh I know its still early days for you, im seeing some postitve reviews and some not so great, which acares me a little lol, im just like how can they have problems when these patients have great results? Does he charge for consultations. Also how many times did you see him before booking? Does your nose look like the morph he made if he did one?
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Looks great! Congrats! Thanks for talking about the dizziness. I am so dizzy too 6 days post op. I'm really hoping that stops. I just don't feel like myself at all :( still haven't pooped either! Ha
  • Reply
Ah I know, it's draining. You do start to wonder if/when you'll ever feel normal again! We'll get there though, people just suffer with different things.. For me bruising was good but dizziness was bad!! Oh no! Definitely get onto those laxatives! Ha x
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You're so beautiful! It looks great :)
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Nice :)
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Thank you :)
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That's a great new profile! Suits you beautifully. I'm in the same waiting game for the swelling to reside.
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Thanks! It's going to be hard because I'm so impatient.. I just hope it's worth the wait! How long post op are you?
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Today (6-15) I'm 11days post-op. I still have a swollen on upper lip and tip. Can't really smile or eat big food. Just waiting patiently for changes. But like you, at least we can see positive change to our side profiles.
  • Reply
I'm struggling to eat big peices of food too!! Definitely have to have some serious patience post op. My swelling is the only thing really bothering me but I'm still 10 times happier with my nose now than I was before.. and it can only get better right!? :)
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your profile looks great! and your front is shorter, very cute. it is swollen; give it a couple days they did lots of tip work. i bet you will be so stunning!
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