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I had rhinoplasty in june, since then the inside...

i had rhinoplasty in june, since then the inside of my nostril is now looking like this, i went back to see the surgeon in december, who removed some of the so called scar tissue and stitched it back up, since then it has slowly been coming back down, and now looks just as it did before he restitched it! i really need to know what this is, so i can talk to him to get it corrected

Sorry you're unhappy with your results. I wonder if you're referring to a hanging columnella?

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We'd love to know more bout your procedure here. What did you have done and what was recovery like for you?

Hi Claire, I can't see exactly what you're referring to, but based on the photo you posted and your description, I might have an idea what you're talking about, because I had a nose job many years ago and have the same thing you describe, where it sort of hangs on the inside. I don't know why or what causes it, but I have the same problem. You might want to consider going to a different plastic surgeon to have it fixed. Yes you'd surely have to pay for another procedure, which sucks. But if you're dissatisfied with it, that might be what you'll have to do in order to have a better result. Maybe the surgeon who performed this one doesn't have the training or expertise to fix it. I'm still trying to get together enough money to have mine fixed. I haven't been able to breath through my nose properly ever since I had mine. It's been a huge hindrance on my life and physical activities.
I think you should post your picture and a question under Q&A section. Some surgeons are going to be able to answer your question and you will get more of a professional opinion vs. us trying to figure it out. I will say though based on your picture it looks like you need a cartilage graft add to the side of your nose but I am not a doctor.
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