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I've just had my first ever laser skin resurfacing...

I've just had my first ever laser skin resurfacing treatment and I'm on day 5. I can only describe it as brutal!! I've been in and out of hospital almost everday. I've been in agony and no amount of tramadol or anything else would help. I've got severe dizziness and its actually difficult to write this and focus. My face is huge and swollen, I've hardly slept it eaten due to the pain and discomfort and all I did yesterday was cry. If I new how bad this treatment was going to be I would never have got it done, I've feel like I've been to hell and back and it's only day 5. I have a 15 month old daughter who I've not seen since the treatment as I've literally been laid in a dark room feeling horrendous. I would say do you research before getting it done because it does NOT feel like sunburn. I'm hoping for great results at the end of this!!!
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Oh wow!  Any updates since your original post?

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Hi, I'm 4 months post op now and I must say my skin has healed completely apart from a small patch of pigmentation under my eye which is getting better every week. Id say my skin is around 30-40 better than it was. I've been told the best results are after 9 months post op as the new cells keep reproducing and giving better results every month. I felt I wasn't told exactly how bad the treatment can be. I had a reaction to all the painkillers aswell which didn't help either and I wasn't prepared for all the swelling which was far worse than I expected. I still have good days and bad with how happy I am about the results but overall I'm glad I got it done. I go back in 5 months now to see the final results and see if I'm happy or discuss the next step. I'm not saying I wouldn't get it done again but omg it was far worse than I thought. Oh just to add I was asleep while getting this procedure, it was the aftermath that was bad. Jen x
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