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Hie this 2weeka and 5days post of my...

Hie this 2weeka and 5days post of my stitches bust open 3days post op...I look like a monster downthere now n I dont know whats goigng on? Wen am I going to heal? Any suggestions for improvements..I really am scared...cs it still looking so raw n im having a lot of discharge n bery stinging sensation wen I pee


Hello, I just completed my surgery, and my stitches broke to. It was a difficult time for me to. My Dr. Just re stitched me in his office with smaller inner stitches, and heavier stitches on the outside. Thinner and thicker sutures. It healed wonderfully.. Ask your Dr.
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Where did you get your surgery done? Was it all OK in the end? Because I am considering getting it and it would be useful to know :)
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You should go and checkout remedy. Go back to your Doctor miss cos that scares me a lot
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