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Smilelign Clear Braces are relatively new to the...

Smilelign Clear Braces are relatively new to the market, so I believe. After trying to find as much information as possible about the procedure I was stuck with reading about Invisalign but nothing really regarding Smilelign itself. So here I am, writing my first blog... Hope I don't disappoint!

As a kid I have always had strong teeth, my mother fed me up with calcium tablets which resulted in calcuim deposits on the front of my teeth. In the past few years I have had composite placed over the front of my teeth to hide some of the stronger marks. I have also had an unfortunate fight with a wine bottle which proceeded to nick a chip out of my front right tooth. Wine bottle 1, me 0!

I think in the past few years I have noticed my teeth getting worse, the front bottom and top are twisting inwards, I am by no means bad, but for myself I know there is room for improvement.

I first visited my Dentist in May and enquired about their Clear Braces procedures. I knew that they did Invisalign as this was the main reason I joined their clinic but until I had all my 'maintenance' in order I didn't want to start any treatment. My Dentist told me about 3 options that they did, 1; Invisalign, 2; 6 Month Smiles & 3; Traditional train track braces. He ran through a quick rundown on each treatment and then proceeded to add that he has just been approached for Smilelign however he didn't at that time know much about it and he hadn't done it on anyone before. I was to go away, research each procedure and get in contact if I was interested.

My theory was, I would go in with the first level of treatment ie; Smilelign, get an assessment on the condition of my teeth and dependant on what level of treatment I would need, I would get. I didn't want to go in for a full train track procedure if I really didn't need it. I'm not wanting 100% perfect teeth but I do want a significant improvement.

The first step was to take molds of my teeth to send to the Smilelign Lab to see if I was even a candidate. This involved my Dentist filling a teeth shaped plastic mold with this blue Smurf coloured rubbery substance and holding it to my upper teeth until it dried. The substance was completely tasteless and was a very weird, but strangely pleasant experience. My bottom set went fine, however I had to have my top done twice as the first didn't take, no big deal, just did it again. I had X-rays taken as well.

I returned after about a month to take a look at the results where we had a look at each profile and each stage of the process on the computer. It's quite strange because it is not until you look at your actual teeth on the monitor that you appreciate how your teeth look. I know it sounds strange but you kinda get used to looking at yourself in the mirror and I know that I didn't think much about it until I saw photographs of myself and wished I had better teeth. And it reconfirmed when I saw my mouth on the screen that yup, I did want to do this.

I was told that I require 4 sets of aligners for my upper teeth and 7 for my bottom. I don't need any teeth removed or any filing which was a relief.

It wasn't until this point that I needed to confirm that I wished to go ahead with the process. My Dentist is great and is not pushy at all, and I never felt at any stage that I was in too deep to say no. At that point all I would have been out of pocket would have been the Lab fee for my initial consult.

I was given my pre-aligner to try. It was very tight and fitted like a glove. It was also very tricky to remove and at first I had trouble - my Dentist had to remove the upper aligner for me. It wasn't until I got home and found a YouTube clip of how to remove them. I was trying to remove them by clicking off the back on each side however you just have to pick one side and work it off on that side in order for the other side to pop off.

I was given a little Smilelign carry case with the aligner box a pink aligner grabber and a box of Nitradine to get me started.

I really can see the point in your pre-aligner, it has allowed me to 'trial & error', I have had to work out eating & drinking patterns. I used to just eat at lunch and dinner and drink tea (&fizz :-o) throughout the day however I am now I have cut down on the drink and save my cup of tea (no fizz!) for my eating times, I am now drinking a lot more water. I also have purchased a couple of more tubes of paste & brushes to place in multiple areas at work and home so it is not such a chore to go brush before putting the aligners back on. I keep floss in the aligner case that I was given.

At first after wearing my pre-aligners, I found an excess of saliva, I found myself slightly drooling at the sides of my mouth however that saliva wasn't reaching to my lips so my lips have dried out a little - I just put more vaseline on now. I did start to speak with a slight lisp and spoke like I had a mouth load of saliva. That has calmed down slightly but I do still over pronounce my S & F's. I find drinking more water helps to not make my mouth so gooey.

After about a week of my pre-aligners, I find that my teeth are kinda achy. I eat most solids on one side of my mouth now as it does ache on my left back teeth when I chew. I grind my teeth during my sleep so I did have a splint to stop that which I never really used as I ended up sleeping with my mouth open. Now my aligner kinda acts as a deterrent except it isn't so large so I can sleep normally and on my face.

Feel free to ask any questions, I will try to update this as I progress. So far... so good :-)

Photographs before treatment

Ordinary smile

I am still waiting for my dentist to phone so that I can come pick up my first aligners so I am still on my pre aligners.

One thing I have noticed though, I have whitening toothpaste and with all this extra brushing and wearing the aligners, my teeth are whitening.
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I've definitely read others talking about their teeth getting whiter with all the brushing!  I never experienced that while I had Invisalign, but my teeth were pretty white when I started--they just got browner!  I hope yours continue to get whiter!  It's so hard to wait, though.  Do you have an estimate for when they'll come in?
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I was planning on having a whitening treatment after I had completed my Smilelign so I will just wait and see how they go :-) I have to keep myself from getting impatient, I know the wait is a slow process but overall the whole thing is quicker than traditional braces, so for that I am thankful. I know my dentist works two days a week and for this past week he had previous arrangements so I am expecting a call maybe in the next day or two but I think my waiting time with my pre aligners will be around 3-4 weeks.
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Okay.  And yeah, the post-treatment whitening worked great for me.  I had to pay for it, but it worked fantastic.  It's a great way to seal your new smile :D.  I hope you do hear in the next day or two.  I look forward to your next update!
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Hi jleary, I would chase up your dentist to see if we have sent your aligners to them. We usually work a 10 day turnaround to ensure patients get treatment underway as soon as possible. By the way, ask your dentist but some people whiten their teeth whilst in active treatment. Again your dentist can advice on that. The aligners tend to have a small amount of space to hold the bleaching gel against your teeth. Only use gel from your dentist too!
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Thanks, this is my first time engaging in a forum or speaking online and I am loving the interaction, Thank you :-)
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Thanks!!! He did mention about using the gel throughout so I'll look into it. A 10 day turnaround is really impressive :-) the delay is due to my dentist being away so I'm hopeful he's back this week.
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Thank you for posting!  So glad the Smilelign community is growing!  I hope the doctors there in the UK start telling their patients to post and get the world out!  Did your doctor say why you might choose Smilelign over Invisalign and was there a price difference as far as you know?
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Hi! As far as I know, my dentist didn't really have any experience with Invisalign. The practice has an expert that deals with Invisalign and 6 month smiles. He was just starting to take an interest in Smilelign when I walked in the door so I was really just finding out information for myself. My second visit he had been on the phone to Smilelign to find out the details and could answer any of my questions. But I was just really asking for reassurance as I had found out most things online. Because I am his first patient he is kindly waiving his fees so I am just paying for the treatment itself which was £75 to send away my molds to have examined. When I went back for the 3rd visit after my molds were taken, I viewed the treatment plan on the computer and the cost of the treatment which was around £1080.00. For me, this was a (good) surprise because initially when consulting with him on the different treatments out there he said that Invisalign comes in between £2.5k - £5k with the initial consult being £100? for Invisalign and much more for regular braces. He didn't know the cost for Smilelign but said that the treatment costs are coming in much cheaper than Invisalign because of the Smilelign being a UK based company and the costs being much cheaper. So I feel like I would be silly not to pass up on a treatment plan that is very very reasonably priced for essentially the same thing and because my teeth are not so severe then it would be just a waste of money to pay a lot more. Only time will tell!?
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Wow your dentist has been very generous. What a great way to give smilelign system a try. I assure you we will do as good a job of your treatment and exceed your expectations.
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Thanks Smilelign Team :-) I thought at the very least I can write about my experience (the good and the bad) so that people can get to know other alternatives. And hopefully it will be good for my dentist as well.
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Hi! I'm also having smilelign treatment. I'm liking your review and having someone else who's going through the experience is great! Will you be uploading any photos?
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Hi! Your review help me decide to go ahead with it and made me write about it as there is so little out there so thanks a big bunch of bananas!! Yes I will put some photos up, I will take some in the next day or so and put up. I'm totally excited to see the change!! Best :-) x
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Wow I'm so glad my review helped you. Like you, I struggled to find any reviews which is a scary thing when you go ahead with something so massive! I'm so glad I did it though! Looking forward to seeing and reading your progress x
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Great to see another review! Thank you both do much for sharing your experience. I plan to write to all the Smilelign dentists to make them aware of this website. :-)
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