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Hi everyone, I have just begun my journey to have...

Hi everyone, I have just begun my journey to have BR, I am currently a 36G and would love to get back to a 36D which is the size I was before having my two children 20 years ago ( I have a 19 year old and a 3 year old). My boobs are awful (in my opinion which isn't shared by my lovely hubby), they have fallen off my chest and are saggy and enormous and I hate them with a passion, I have been fed up with them for years and years but never felt I would do anything about it due to the cost and the enormity of going for surgery but this year on holiday in Ibiza the crunch came - I felt so uncomfortable and self concious I wore two bikini tops - an underwired one and then a tankini top over it and I just thought ' right enough is enough' I googled Cosmetic surgery clinics and came up with two companies, contacted them both and made an appointment with the one I preferred, I had my initial consultation on Monday this week and my first appointment with my surgeon is on the 12th November, I am hoping to have the operation in February next year when I have saved up the £1000 deposit, the rest of the costs will be hopefully through their 12 month interest free loan option

I am excited but also a little bit terrified!!!

Good luck hun, I too am from the UK, full tummy tuck and Breast lift 21st Jan 2013, with Mr Murphy at Spire Whalley Range Manchester, counting down the days now. Hope you get your surgery sorted. xx

Thank you for posting your review and joining us.  Terrified is all a part of this in the beginning but it will pass:)


Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. I must say that I'm impressed with the fact that you have a 19 year-old and a 3 year-old! You are a brave woman!! Compared to that this surgery will be a piece of cake! Good luck at your consult!
Mr Clarke

Transform Clinic have been providing Cosmetic surgery for 40 years and are an excellent company, I had heard about them from TV and other advertising and they were my first choice once I had decided on surgery. Mr Clarke is their breast specialist.

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