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I have always been so insecure about my boobs,...

I have always been so insecure about my boobs, hate them with a vengeance!! I am 26 years old 5ft 3 and 53kg and I've just finished Breast feeding my 3rd baby. I never had much to start with but my darling daughter just polished them right off!!!! Now a 32aa. Anyone else in my situation will understand how depressing it is to choose tops and dresses to wear when you have nothing to put in the top! Everyone compliments my figure after having 3 kids I am lucky to get my body back quickly but the boobs are such an issue for me. My husband is a sweetheart and tells me I'm perfect as I am blah blah blah but I can't let him touch my boobs or look at them for any length of time.I feel disgusted and embarrassed. I will keep my bra on always and always a massive padded bra to make me feel more comfortable in my clothes. We have a mirror in our bathroom which I have to look in as soon as I step out of the shower and its like I'm looking at a man's body.
So I finally managed to persuade my husband to let me go for it now that we have finished making babies and he's very supportive and slightly excited too I reckon!!!
I've been addicted to this site but have only just decided to share my story. I'm going in for my surgery on Thursday morning!!!! Eeeeek !!!!!! 4 more sleeps!!!!!
I am nervous about the size! We agreed on 345cc hp under the muscles but I'm starting to worry about that being too big for me??? Has anyone else similar to my stats had this sort of size that I could see pics of please??? I'm starting to freak myself out a bit :-/ I will be taking my "before" photos soon to show you all exactly how flat chested I am xxxxx
Hi fellow UK Real-Selfer! Welcome:) 1 day! It so good you don't have a big old wait, I have been on and off this site since November - it gets quite addictive! Reading your story I feel the same, but I don't have children. My surgeon suggested going for 300-330 for my frame (I weigh 7st 9lb) Looking forward to hearing about your D-Day and seeing your results :) Good luck and see you on the other side:) xx
Congrats!!! I had my surgery in June 2013. I got 450cc under muscle I am only 5" & weigh 110. @ first I thought they were to big but know as they have settled in place I'm glad I went this big...
Wow so excited for u! I can totally relate to not wanting to look at them or have them touched but hubby doesn't get it. Thank goodness for their support though!

Seems lovely so far but only met twice

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