340cc Silicone Implants for 9 Years... for Removal or Revision, Unsure?? - United Kingdom

As a teenager I realised I was quite small chested...

As a teenager I realised I was quite small chested at 34a. I always wanted to have larger breasts. At 22 years old I had cancer and i think that played a big part in my attitude after..... that if I wanted something life is too short and to go for it. so within a year I had my breast augmentation (silicone under muscle) which took me up 34c . immediately afterwards I was disappointed in the result I felt like they were too small and very fake looking. i had lost a lot of weight due to my illness so for a while they looked very unnatural. within a year i had a cc so had to go for further surgery. Further weight gain increased my breast size to 34 D and I was happy with their appearance for many years. For approx. 3 years I had intermittent chest pain which my gp put down to inflammation on chest wall, i'm unsure if this was related to implants. Fast forward 9 years and I am married with 2 children, my youngest is 3 months old. i have been considering either explanting or revision by the end of year. I am trying to lose another stone before surgery so that i am back to my pre pregnancy weight. I really don't like having silicone in my body anymore and worry about the long term effects. I know i will never have a perfect looking bust with or with implants. I do have a tiny bit more breast tissue than pre implants due to weight gain over the years. I will update with another photo when i am back down to my pre pregnancy weight.


I think you are the type of person that falls into that special category where implants should NEVER be considered - due to the presence of cancer. This is just MY opinion and it is an extremely personal decision. Those of us who have been lucky not to have cancer still shouldn't put implants in as it still can compromise our health. You have a lovely athletic body and I hope you come to see that. Please keep us posted and read as much as you can from all the profiles here on RealSelf - such a wealth of information - a true sisterhood of support.
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To remove or replace is a very personal decision for sure. You could have them removed and see how you feel then. There are lots of great bras and swimsuit tops now for those of us not well endowed but who want to look like we sort of are. There is also the option of fat transfer.

Please keep us posted on your decision!
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1st consultation booked for 3rd september :)

looking forward to some professional advise and to find out my options. I have lost a bit more baby weight and my boobs are smaller than previous photos .


I think that your doing the right thing & researching & talking to ladies that understand. I'm So glad you survived cancer xxxx I understand the decisions you made & maybe now you have new decisions to make - for me after 8 years & feeling unwell and cc I want them out!! I think it's a healthy choice for everyone but we each have to look into everything & make the choice we can live with and that makes us happy. Right here & now my advise and choice would be get them out!!! Have a lift ?!!! Most ladies look great after and love feeling like a natural Woman - I'm looking forward to That xxxxxx wishing you well xxxx
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