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When looking in the mirror I saw an old woman...

When looking in the mirror I saw an old woman staring back, gravity had taken over and I gave up smoking a year ago and was left with fine lines around my mouth. I was unhappy and after a year thinking about surgery I went ahead on 9th October with eyelid surgery a browplexy and fillers.
I am more than happy with the result although I have bruising and have yet to get my stitches taken out this week.
I have used Gel eye pads which are cooled in the refrigerator to reduce the swelling and bruising and sleep upright using a V shaped pillow.
I have a very supportive Husband and a wonderful Son who have totally supported me .


Thanks for sharing with us!  Sounds like you had a good surgery experience so far.  Where were the fillers injected?  I hope you use the update feature to keep us posted on your healing, we LOVE to hear how its going and are here to support you :)

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Fillers were injected to define upper lip, jowl area and lines caused by years of smoking.
Day 5 after surgery. Not such a good night last night, not much sleep and very constipated due to medication taken for pain releiif. Wounds are healing well but I have a lot of numbness below my eyebrow and the skin feels rather tight
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Day 6 after surgery !

Day 6 after surgery and I still have a lot of swelling between my eyelid and eyebrow, but generally feeling quite well and have no pain.
Still not sleeping very well but hope that improves after stitches are removed tomorrow and I can lay flat in bed again.
Hope to add photo's tomorrow.

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Day 7

Day 7 after surgery and today I had my stitches removed.
It didn't really hurt at all and was over in a few minutes, eyelids look really good although some swelling but will continue to use gel eye masks at night and when needed during the day to relieve itching .
Back to see my consultant next week for follow up appointment but will continue to post in the meantime.
Slept better last night .


Do you have any bruising or are you just dealing with the swelling?  You mentioned you were going to try a and post a picture, here is our Help tutorial on how to do that in case you have any trouble.  Glad you are sleeping better!  I kept sleeping propped up for the first week, which really helped with the swelling (it was hard to sleep like that at first but I got use to it).

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No bruising and hardly any swelling now sleeping propped up still for 2nd week.

2 weeks post op

went to see surgeon today for follow up appointment.
Everything is healing well, no bruising slight irritation scars otherwise no problems and appointment for check in December.
Back to doing normal things and sleeping in normal sleep position tonight.

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Almost 1 month post op !

I have had concerns that my left eye is not healing as well as the right eye and although my surgeon is very reassuring that it will correct in time ( up to 6 months) I feel a bit down that my face will look a little lopsided, after all this is why I had surgery as I was bothered greatly by the difference.
I do have a visit with my surgeon in December for a follow up, will post pics that he has taken to show progress.

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