Uneven Breasts Post-op (460cc Silicone Overs)

I decided to have a breast augumentation after...

I decided to have a breast augumentation after having and breastfiding two children. My breasts have never been big but after breastfeding I had just lose skin hanging from my chest.

Ive had breast implants (460cc silicone overs) in July 2009. Since the very first day my left one was bigger but it didn't bother me as I know one can take longer to drop. Now, 5 months on, my left one is still higher, rounder and bigger (I would say one cup size bigger!)I don't think it's gonna change if it didn't so far. Pre-op my surgeon said my right one is slightly bigger so really don't understand why the bigger one turned to be smaller? The difference is noticable in the bra and clothes. Several people asked me if I'm sure I'he had the same implants in my both breasts as it looks suspicious. I don't think it could happen... Will I need a re-op?
Go back to your surgeon and discuss. If you're not happy with the discussion, consult with another plastic surgeon. Good choices include but are not limited to: Dr Taimur Shoaib (Scotland), Dr Shiva Singh (London), Dr Paul Levick (Birmingham), and Dr Azhar Aslam (London).

I would recommend re-augmentation with another Dr... It kind of looks like the right one has capsulectomy (scar tissue around implant) Also they are fairly far apart.. you should check out Dr. pousti, my friend went there for her re-do and they look soo good.

Hello Your right breast preop was probably bigger and slightly droopier. The result you have now is what you will have It is the poor choice of implants

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