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I had my breasts enlarged 6 months ago and...

i had my breasts enlarged 6 months ago and unfortunately have now been told by my surgeon that i have stage 2 encapsulation. i knew this as my left breast was harder, rounder and higher than the left.

when asked what my best option was, my surgeon told me to massage heavily and" it wouldn't get any worse". after waiting for a long time and spending alot of money to have this done, i don't want to have two different breasts. i am aware they are different and cover them up.

i could really do with some advise. i am still covered with my post op insurance, and am wondering if my surgeon could be waiting until this has ended; simply because he didn't seem very interested in helping me. should i have an operation?


I would definitely get another opinion. My silicone implants are 20 years old. I have what they call a Baker's 3 (on a scale of 1-4) contraction on my right breast. It was fine for many years but has gradually gotten worse over the years. I went to a breast doctor last week(not plastic surgeon) & she said it could get worse! I did all the massaging as my doctor said after surgery for several years. The left breast is great. My only options now are removing the implants while doing a capsulectomy or capsulotemy on the right breast. If my insurance covered it I would definitely redo them now. Chances are it will get worse & then you're on your own to pay to replace them. Good luck! Implants can be wonderful so do get them fixed.
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Does your insurance cover a second opinion? I think you should get the opinion of another doctor, even if it only ends up being for peace of mind that Dr #1's advice is solid.

That's my 2 pence worth. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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My insurance does not cover me for a second opinion and have since been told that it won't cover me for an operation to remedy this problem. I am waiting to hear the reasons for this from my surgeon. I wasn't told about this before. Thanks for the post....I'll let you know what they come back with
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my after care seems to be lacking

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