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Had three kids by the time I was 28, breast fed...

Had three kids by the time I was 28, breast fed all of them, lost weight and was left with deflated boobs and low self esteem prevailed. Decided to get 380 implants..had them for 9 years no problems.. In the meantime, my mum was diagonised with breast cancer.. Then last year started suffering in very painful boobs, almost like mastitis.. Went for scan everything ok, but said it may be due to my body rejecting the implants, but couldn't say for definate this was the case and said as no lumps or other problems found, I would need to go private to have them removed, but also wouldn't guarantee that it was the implants causing this...(very non committal ) so I have an appointment book with a private clinic to see what they say. At this moment in time I want them out, but I'm scared of how I will look and if the problems I'm suffering from is due to the implants, but for health reasons the only way forward is for me to have them out.....

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good luck and make the decision based on what's best for your health. the fact that you have pain is your body telling you there is something going on, whether it's the implants or not. keep us updated
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hi happy2bmw1. you go for it ! I second everythink that golden says , you wont regret it, and as a breast feeding mum of three myself, I had flaps of skin before implants, but now bigger and looking alot better, all the ladies photos are so much better natural than with implants . good luck !
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Just read your story, it's so similar even down to being married for yonks bit, i also suffer from aching joints, but actually never connected the two..anyway if I look like you after I'd be really happy, another tick in the positive box :-)
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Thanks so much for sharing here on RealSelf! You will probably be pleasantly surprised by how you look after they're out. Good luck with your consultation and please let us know how it goes.

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Thanks golden1234..the women on here all look great and have positive stories to tell, of which help immensely. it's reassuring to have somewhere to chat through concerns with out being judged..I have a consultation next week..any question I need to ask?
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hi happy2bme1,

Yur fears are understandable, but pls dont let the worry of the outcome get to u, if you read the reviews and see pics of all those women who have explant already, your worries will stay at bay.

Honestly, many of us feared that, its natural to, but the support we all got over here from eachother was stunning to sail thru this big deal decison. Go for it asap, u wont regret it.

All i can suggest is take out some time and read each and every reviews on here, u wont think twice!

Keep updating your decision!
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