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I have had my implants in for over 10 years and...

I have had my implants in for over 10 years and have now found out that I have capsular contraction and therefore will need to have them replaced. Not sure to have them removed as now in forties, scared of sagging as had child and old age??? Will it make me more self concious?

yes, please answer that question and would be nice to see some before and after pictures .....!!
Thankyou for your comment I have been back in touch with transform as have asked to speak to another consultant and also if have anybody who has been a patient and has had theirs removed. I am awaiting to hear from them. Will keep posted

That is a big decision! You have to decide on how committed you are to being natural vs. the sagging issue. A lot of women wrestle with this. I hope you'll keep us posted on your decision.

If you decide to have them replaced, you might want to visit the Breast Implant Revision community.

Good luck!

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