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Standard type botox on brows (both the 11 lines...

Standard type botox on brows (both the 11 lines and the forehead lines). The doctor who did it was very experienced but still the inner part of the eyebrows drooped (too much brow laxity) making the outside edges look high and "witchy". I did look pretty smooth for about 4 - 5 months. But towards the end of this there was tingling and twitching around the left eyebrow - did not make me feel at all good to know a toxin was slowly disintegrating there!

Pros: Yes - did look a bit younger. But I rather feel that this new "technology" has introduced a new pressure to have smooth brows when 20 years ago no one in their mid 40s noticed or minded very much.

Cons: Ridiculously expensive for a procedure that takes 3 minutes. Cons: Has to be done every 4 months. Are you serious? Cons: Can cause drooping on anyone with any brow laxity - mine was not very great. Cons: This is a serious toxin. Don't feel that is taken very seriously. I regret that this is so pervasive. If it didn't exist, we would all concentrate on other lovely things like skin rejuvenation, home teeth whitening, and glossy hair. Or a toned and flexible body, nice scrubs, good makeup, little eyelash dye kits etc. These above mentioned things are all 1) infinitely cheaper and 2) very much safer. In the scheme of the whole person (glossy hair, graceful body, glowing skin etc) how important, is it really, to have a strangely smooth and immobile brow??!

Did your eyebrows go back to normal? I also have eyebrow droop - although one droops more than the other and completely lost its arch. The other did not, so I look bizarre. Looking forward to it wearing off.

I too am sorry to hear you had such a poor experience. Of the other items you listed, I'd have to guess that most Botox users do those things as well...I know I do, and will be going for my 2nd round of Botox soon. I think Kym makes a good point about the skill level of the injector, but even with a highly skilled injector there are risks associated with any procedure. Like anything, some treatments are good for some people, and others prefer different treatments. Just a matter of personal preference. At least you learned from this botox may not be for you. :)


I am so sorry this happened to you! There are certainly a lot of cons of botox but also a lot of pros. The "witchy" or "spock" brows is common from what I have read on the reviews. Of the reviews I have read, it has been a result of the injector. Regardless, it sounds like your experience was terrible and it is great that you shared it. Thank you.

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