34D Silicone Gel Implants Replaced with 34DD Silicone Implants

I was a 34D with silicon gel implants which I had...

I was a 34D with silicon gel implants which I had removed last week and now I'm a 34DD (still silicon gel implants). I'm 5'6" tall and weigh 126lbs.

I have one son, he's now 16 months old. I think it was after having him, and breast feeding that I became unhappy with my old implants so I decided to have them replaced.

I had under the muscle implants last week. I have a 16 month old baby, who weighs 25lbs. When will I be able to look after him again? Since my operation, my mother has had him full time, but I'm desperate to get him back, but don't want to risk harming my implants. He can walk, so basically the only lifting involved would be lifting him on my lap for cuddles etc as my mother can still come at night to bath him etc. I would also be required to carry him up to bed (when he falls alseep on my lap). Thanks for any advice.

Hi! I have some questions about your revision because I'm thinking about having mine redone with a bigger size too.
Did you use the same surgeon and was the revision more or less expensive? How much did you pay? If you don't mind me asking :)
You didn't mention whether your original implants were also under the muscle. But let's assume for the moment that they were. It's only been a week; ordinarily there will be some healing time to consider. Did your surgeon's office not give you any standard guidelines to follow? If not, give them a call, as they know your specific situation better than anyone. You need not be concerned with harming the implants themselves, as they are fairly robust. You should concern yourself more with healing up. Pain from doing things like lifting anything with any sort of weight to it (such as your son) should provide some guide as to what's "too much". Gentle cuddles should be fine. Sharp pain should be reviewed by your surgeon. Remember that good money was paid for your work, so look at it as an investment. Indelicate handling during the healing phase could lead to a revision earlier than planned. You should also have a good idea as to how your body heals (based on your original surgery) so consider that as well. Again, give your surgeon's office a call and share your concern with them. They will (or should) be keen to answer your questions and concerns.
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