Unhappy with the New Size of my Implant. C Cup to D

Asked to get a D cup from a C full cup. Before I...

Asked to get a D cup from a C full cup. Before I have 390cc L/R. I am 5' 3" 130 Lb. I received 690cc L/R. saline, mentor High Profile.

Too much for my body. I dont like the way I look now.

I don’t like the way my breast look now. I...

I don’t like the way my breast look now. I wanted to make it a bit bigger but the doctor make mine new implants 300cc more in each total (690cc each) I had C full cup before. The new ones look huge and down or flat.  My pevious implants looked perfectly round and firm. I just wanted them alittle bigger that was it....

I want to now, how soon can I remove the new implants? and will there be any consequences in the skin due to the reduction of size? I NEED HELP I AM DESPERED! I WANT THEM OUT. I WOULD LIKE TO GET MY C CUP 390CC LIKE BEFORE.

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Did not do what I wanted and Asked

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I am 1 week PO and I am so HUGE I have become very depressed about the entire procedure. I was siZed for 700cc hp silicone(the high profile I wanted) and am in shock that the D I spoke with my PS about is not a D @ all! I am prob. A DD and pray that these implants go down a cup size! What was supposed to be a happy and exciting experience has turned into a sad and uncomfortable situation I've done to myself. I'm 5'8 approx 150 lbs and very athletic, I'm also a trainer and cannot help but be sad @ my body right now. :( I've already thought and looked up revision and how soon can I reduce these. What all would I have to get done b/c the $5700 I spent sadly was not worth all my sadness @ all. I feel lostb
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I am in the same situation. Asked for a very natural look and I ended up in a D cup going from an A cup. The dr. is saying he will redo the surgery but I have to wait 3 months and there will be additional costs. Not everyone that wants breast aug. wants big boobs. So what is your current status with your situation?
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DR. rosenfeld NJ.
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sorry that happened but please include doc's name
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I still feel the same, I hope they shink up too, but I called the Dr. and they said I have to wait at least 3 month to start seen a change. I am very depressed I feel so bad. I am afraid they will not shrink enough. Good luck.
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Hi, I have the same problem! I recieved my implants a month ago and HATE them! They are way too big for my frame! I was hoping that they would shrink up a little. Have you had any luck? Are you happier now than when you first wrote this?! I am praying that I didn't just pay $5,000 to look like a cheap porn star!
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