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Under Eye Swelling from IPL Makes Skin Crepey

The IPL works well for me. I had it 5 years ago...

The IPL works well for me. I had it 5 years ago and didn't go back because it was so painful. Now I get an anestethic cream which I put on an hour before the treatment which makes it bearable.

My only concern is that the swelling under my eye appears to have stretched the skin and at 42 I'm not sure how long if ever it will recover. I look really wrinkly under one eye now, 9 days later.


Hi I was hoping you could update your status, I have a similar concern after ipl under my eyes. Did it firm back up or stay loose? Thanks in advance,
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I had IPL 2 days ago under my eyes. Was told it wouldn't hurt much. It felt like a hot poker. Very painful. Had to receive 2 zaps per eye instead of 4 which means more future apppointments. Was told I could go back to work next day. When I woke up, I had puffy pocketes under each eye and also had weary eyes. Had to stay home. 2nd day afterward and still have the puffs, but they went down considerably, although they appear to have migrated a bit down onto upper cheekbone. I'm concerned about the puffs. Will keep you all posted if you'd like.
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Aussie, thanks for posting about your concerns with the skin under your eyes, I am considering ipl for the first time for my face (chest ipl yrs ago) and now I might ask them not to zap underneath my eyes. I am older than you & my heritage is Irish/Belgian and skin that is far to sensitive, the skin underneath my eyes tends to be somewhat puffy & I do my best to protect the area. Please post on how your eyes are doing. Good Luck!
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