Waiting on Final Quotes-got it...

I am planning to have a tt and lipo of upper back...

I am planning to have a tt and lipo of upper back in Aug. My doctor has not been chosen. I am waiting on some final quotes. I am basing my choice on cost and quality. Im not scared because I helped my best friend through her recovery. I love this site, i have seen some hope for myself in the results of others. I have wanted this since I had my daughter in 2003. I may go outside the U.S.  Dominican Republic has good Doctors and good prices. My flight will not be too expensive. I have also contaced some teaching clinics snd I am waiting on them. I do have some final quoted from a few Doctors. I found hidden fees in one.

I selected my doctor based on a couple of things. A friend had gone to him and recommended him, liked having first hand experience information. Second, when I met with him he knew what I needed. I didn't have to explain, he knew. He has a real eye for the art. Another key reason was where the procedure would be performed. They have their own operating center. I didn't want to go to the regular hospital. I felt like I had personal care and it was not chaotic, less stressful and far more comfortable. The other doctor I had went to was about money. Dr. Laughlin wasn't out to make a buck. He was sincere on making me look better, and feel better. As far as costs go, my price was all inclusive. The other doctor had costs for each item, that wasn't the case here. I liked having a single cost. They broke it down but it's not like do you want numbing medicine? You're getting numbing medicine. They know what's best, and I greatly appreciate that everything I needed was bundled, clothing and all. I was sent home with a little bowl, pads, gauze, garments... I was set! If they would have offered overnight stays and care I would have stayed! Good luck! This has been a great adventure, painful, but will be worth it in a few more weeks.
What was your final cost, if you dont mind me asking?

Called Duke to see if the residency program had a...

Called Duke to see if the residency program had a decent price because people are giving me a hard time over going to another country. They no longer have a residency program clinic. They quoted me 6157 total. Id rather go out of the country. If no one wants to go with me then ill go alone. My ten year old wants to go take care of me, lol. I have also been talking to a few doctors from India. They are cheap cheap. My clinic is full of residents from India so i am getting feedback tomorrow on the Doctor and location. The plane ticket isnt that bad either. I may end up less than 3000

I have chosen a Doctor. Tejinder Bhatti from India...

I have chosen a Doctor. Tejinder Bhatti from India. He gave me a quote for 1978. This includes the tummy tuck and Lipo to the flanks, my 2 day hospital stay, etc. I am required to stay ten days total after the procedure. I have done extensive research on him and the facility. It also helps to work in a teaching hospital. I have asked several of my Doctors and residents, who come from India, and they give him and the area a thumbs up. I will change the date according to my receiving my passport and will update throughout the process..
Tejinder Bhatti

I found him after reading a different forum on tummy tucks. I researched him and asked several Doctors. He is technologically advanced, the facility is awesome, and the area is supposed to be georgeous. Although I am 10.5 hours behind him, he is quick to email me back and answers every question. All cosmetic surgery is cheaper in India, according to one of my Doctors here. Most of the Doctors are US trained and speak English.

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