I'm Undecided About Invisalign I Need Advice

I'm 36 its about time i straightened my teeth...

i'm 36 its about time i straightened my teeth i was excited when i heard about invisalign,i've already been through clincheck paid 500 and received my 3d images from the states,ive posted about 5 photos the first 2 photos are a 3d image of my finished invisalign treatment after 40 weeks,as you can see i'm not happy.

i still have quite a big overbite,some teeth dont line up at the back for a good bite,and have 2 gaps in the top and bottom front.the dentist said he could fill them with white composites or something like that,basically the same stuff as the white fillings i have but i
ive been reading that this isnt a good idea if the gaps r to big and it won't look natural i showed one orthadont these pics and he said to order more trays and use invisalign to close these gaps,he gave me this code which i'm sure you dents and orths will understand its
poss 1PR between 11,21 and 31-41
do you think i should have jaw surgery to fix overbite at the end of invisilign treatment.as you can see from the pics i have 3 missing teeth.i'm not worried about replacing the 2 at the back cause you cant see them,but what r my best options for the missing tooth at the front?
i'm seeing the dentist on monday this is when i will be deciding wether to go through with invisilign or not,i saw an orthadontist today about braces he charges about about the same amount for braces and wasnt very enthusiastic about me getting better results with braces,but he was very flippant and sounded like he didnt want to get anywhere near my teeth so am thinking of seeing another orth but next avail appoint is not till oct 10.

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Megan can you give me an honest opinion about the...

megan can you give me an honest opinion about the pics,the first 2 being the end results anyone would be disappointed in these right? can u be honest have you seen worse pics?


In response to your update today, everyone's outcome is different based off what is achievable with their teeth. As I've said before I'm not a dentist and don't feel comfortable giving an opinion that is best given by a dentist. Your Q&A questions have been published so hopefully you will be receiving some answers soon.

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Due to the technicality in the questions you are asking this would be best posted in the Q&A section. That is where the dentists who volunteer on the site will be able to give you their opinions. Please be sure to add the details you wrote above and include the pictures for them.

Click here to go to the Invisalign Q&A page.

Type in your main question, then hit the "Ask Your Question" link that appears in blue near the bottom of the page. You will then be given places to fill in more information and upload your pictures.

I think that is your best bet, and hope this information is helpful to you.

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Hi i havent received any email that my other...

hi i havent received any email that my other questions have been posted

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Ok i see my ques and answers r up now but how do i...

ok i see my ques and answers r up now but how do i edit something on there theres no option to edit or even reply to the thread i created


do u know what other options there are,and can u point me to any other posts on this site that i can read that are similar to mine,,,,,i'd appreciate it
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hi no the top teeth are no where near where we want them.only worn 16 of the 32 trays.i think yes we may go back for more trays later on,i'll find out for sure on monday,is my problem quite unique or are there others here that this has happened to to? i'm worried that my top teeth wont look much better then they are right now and if i knew this at the start i wouldnt of got invisilign.cause i read on this site that braces are much better for corecting overbite then invisilign cause invisilin just doesnt put enough pressure on your front teeth to move them back into place.
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I think asking your dentist is the best way to go, at least that way they can explain their plan. Hopefully the plan he/she presents to you will be a good one and this is just a temporary set back. If the plan doesn't sound agreeable, then you can start considering other options.

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