Surgery Scheduled 5.22.14

I know everyone says this, but I've been lurking...

I know everyone says this, but I've been lurking on here for probably about 2 years. I recently celebrated my 25 birthday and I feel like every other aspect of my life is falling into place. Repairing my figure is the only thing I really feel like I have left to accomplish at this point in my life.

I had my daughter over 3 years ago and I've never quite been able to get back to my pre-baby shape/weight. I was 120 before I had my daughter, basically a stick person with a big head. Lol. Now I'm 140 and I just don't like the way my weight sits on my body. I notice it mostly in my face and my love handles. My stomach doesn't bother me much, but if I'm going to get it fixed, might as well do it right.

I'd almost be happy being lipo'd back into my previous buttless skinny shape, but I figure that they can just put that fat to good use and give me some awesome curves.

I want a BBL more for lipo sculpting a sexy shape. The butt will be an added bonus.

So far I've only been seriously considering Yily and Campos. The US doctors prices have jumped up so much in the last few years and I havent seen many that contour the way Yily and Campos do. More natural looking. Salama's butts sometimes look square to me and Jimerson's are too much booty for my self.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for doctors?


Wilberto Cortez os the best in the U.S.. I want to go to him but he is pricy, but sclupts very well. Best I've seen in the states. U may want to setup payments with his office in Texas
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I agree with lisa7181, dr Cortes is the best in the us, knows how to give tiny waist and nice round bottoms...he can lipo great, but expensive $10,200 for bbl only but that includes lipo to inner thigh back flanks and armpit as well as stomach
Thanks ladies! Finally got a chance to see his work I'm definitely impressed. I didn't want to finance the surgery amount but I might have to think about it. I want to avoid complications. Do you know how long you have to stay in town for the surgery?

Seriously considering Ghurani

I've recently had correspondence with Dr. Ghurani who is my top choice for the surgery in the US. I'm curious about what his fee maybe now. I've read stories of people paying vastly different prices based on whether he did their surgery through elite or vanity. I'll call the office tomorrow and see what the rate is. Hopefully right around 8k. Less would be awesome but I'm not really sure how much more is be willing to pay above 8k. Thanks for all the feedback when I ask my questions. Lol


Congrats and good luck
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Thank you!

How many days did you guys stay after surgery?

I'm trying to plan. Realistically how many days did you take off. I know it depends on the person but are 10 days really necessary


The best n the USA is Dr.Jimersen!!!!
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Scheduled My Surgery 5.22.14

Hey ladies!!! Super excited. Just scheduled my surgery with Dr. Ghurani at EPS. Looks like I'll be in Miami for Memorial Day weekend, avoiding all the ratchetness. So excited. I'll update later. So many questions, especially money related. Did anyone else finance part of their surgery? I've got 5 on it but I need to finance the rest. Care Credit? Other institutions? Let me know I want to have the best experience possible. Thanks!!!


Hate to break it to ya hun but Memorial Day weekend in Miami is really wild! But good luck on your surgery and Happy Healing!
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Lol I know! Hopefully I'll be able to stay out of the way of the craziness. Thanks for your support!
Of course! Can't wait to see the new bod!
Rami Ghurani

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