Ultrasonic Lipo from Waist Down and New Breasts on May 6

On MAY 6th 2009 I had my 2nd Lipo (after 22 years)...

On MAY 6th 2009 I had my 2nd Lipo (after 22 years) and 2nd breast enhancement(after 15 years), this was my FIFTY AND FABULOUS tweek! The pics were taken May 12th 1 week after surgery , remember I am still swollen in breasts as well, they will deflate.

My Dr. was amazing and I wish I'd done it at 40!

I am Italian and have great skin and am in good shape but life takes its toll and everthing was going south. These surgerys HELP boost confidence and in my opinion are worth it! The breast augment was a piece of cake and was to replace saline(325 cc) with silicone implants(533 cc) and to go bigger. In my opinion don't waste money on Saline they shrink, and go BIGGER my new breast are a D+ at 533cc, they are awesome. They are swollen and will shrink BE PATIENT!

As for the LIPO I had a large area done my thick hips are gone and my legs will shrink MORE. I had this done at 28yrs old and the results continue for about a year as long as you take care of yourself.I am 5'7 about 155lbs and was a size 10 will be a skinny 8 by AUG, I will update.

I personally recommend it to be done in the fall,its easier to hide, but I knew what I was getting into. Be patient,the swelling does and will go down and reveal a slimmer leg. BUT dont kid yourself you are sore and weak at times taking the garment off and showering for about a week can be difficult.I am in excellent health and this is not for the faint of heart! IF YOU HAVE MANY AREAS done dont plan on going back to work immediately, the garmet can be cumbersome. Hope I helped at least one person!

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When I first had LIPO(age 28) on my inner and...

When I first had LIPO(age 28) on my inner and outer  thighs, knees and tummy roll , I was a size 14. Then  through working out and dieting I made it down to the sleeker size 10 and stayed there,that is where I was right before surgery. Remember these surgery's CONTOUR you and make it easier to fit into smaller sizes, but not necessarily help you in weight lose.


any recent pics looks great
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The 2nd week was worse as far as soreness but I was out and about doing lite shopping and getting fresh air!I would even recommend a toilet ring cushion from the pharmacy. Your breasts will shrink and sound perfect for you. They are sore because of the new pockets, also if you went under pecs that is more painful, but very pretty as well. I am sooo happy my HIPS are finally gone after years of exhausting exercise with no luck, this lipo did the trick. Take it easy!
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I had the same done on the 15th of May 2009, I am 33 year old and my first ever cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation and liposuction. I am an athlete so I wanted the lipo just to remove the fat on the stubborn areas I am still in my compression garment but must say, battered and brushed. Still early day’s. But I felt really fine post op. I honestly think that the liposuction is the worse, comparing pain and discomfort; the breast is sore and sensitive because the skin is stretching its way into the new shape. For the breast, well it is something to get use too, remember i use to be a A negative, now I am a B, didn't go way out, and when I look at them they look HUGE. I have strong pectoral muscle, and that I would say causes me to feel more discomfort every time you use those pec’s by accident. But I agree with what you are saying, doesn’t matter whether you fit or healthy, YOU MUST take it easy..
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If a Dr recommends the lift, DO IT.

If a Dr recommends the lift, DO IT.


Woow your results look good so far
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DR Heil Wexford PA
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who was your doctor ?
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